4 Years in Chicago

Happy November 1st!

I love the beginning of a new month – it always feels like a fresh start and the best time to set goals for the rest of the week/month/year. Starting this blog has been floating around in my head for 5+ years, and growing it into a legit hobby is my goal for the rest of 2014 and beyond. With that said, I wanted to post about all the experiences I’ve had since moving to Chicago on October 20th, 2010. When life events/decisions are happening, I don’t always take the time to reflect on how said event/decision is shaping the course of my life. Looking back over the past four years, SO much has happened!

  • I moved from small town Louisville to the bright city lights of Chicago for a PR internship. I only had two friends here, was basically living off minimum wage and was working a job that I knew was temporary, but I still had the time of my life! It was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken, but I’ve never looked back.


The scene during a run on the lakeshore path in summer 2011

  • I met one of my best friends, Natassia, through one of the most legendary friend-meeting-stories ever. I used roomates.com to to find a random(!) gal to live with when I first moved. She knew Natassia through studying abroad in college. The roommate situation only lasted that first year, but Natassia and I immediately hit it off and we’ve been through many adventures together ever since. She left me for San Francisco 1.5 years ago (which I visited for the first time last month), but she has been back to her favorite midwest city multiples times!


An oldie but such a goodie

  • I found my true career path by working PR jobs that I hated. I never felt at home in the business world. I’m very relational by nature and after some major soul searching, networking and my own research, I determined that a masters in social work would afford me the skills to provide clinical therapy, what I believe to be my ultimate calling in life.

keep talking

I hope all therapists feel this way? 😉

  • I adopted my first child…fur child, that is. Baxter (otherwise known as Baxie/Man/Dodo/Stool Man/Littlest Boy), came into my life after a year or so of volunteering at a local animal shelter. I’m actually obsessed with him, even when he climbs my closet, and wakes me up at 5 a .m. with wet toilet paws.

closet baxie

Climbing my clothes to reach the top (two apartments ago)

  • I met, and later moved in with, the love of my life, Bobby. We started dating in April 2013, and moved in together in July 2014. He makes me laugh so hard that I cry, he teaches me to have more fun in life, and he understands my intrinsic nature to be an introvert. He also sometimes helps with the dishes and has happily assumed his role of cat daddy.


What’s wrong with this picture?

  • I competed in a pageant (Miss Illinois USA)! It was a lifelong dream of mine that I decided to pursue at the ripe age of 26. I spent three months preparing my body and mind for four intense days of rehearsing, competing and interviewing. It was completely exhausting, but absolutely worth every second. I’m planning to write a blog post about my experience at some point.


The hair in this photo is particularly noteworthy. 

Phew! I didn’t expect this post to be so long-winded. I think it’s always fun and important to reflect on what you’ve learned or how far you’ve come in recent years. That’s what our twenties are for, right?


I’m babysitting for a few hours this evening, and hoping to get ahead on some school work while doing so. Before that, it’s 30 minutes on the dreadmill and a quick shower. Have a great Saturday night!




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2 responses to “4 Years in Chicago

  1. Natassia

    That picture!! Chicago sure has been good to you/us :). Loving the blog


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