Amateur Blogger

Hey there!

I set off with the best blogger intentions today. I dusted off my ‘ol digital camera and brought it out with us today so I could start taking “real” photos, instead of iPhone shots. Turns out, I threw out the computer cord in my July move! Go figure. My camera is at least four years old, so here’s hoping that Best Buy carries a cord replacement. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, on to much more exciting things –>


I babysat for a new-to-me family.


My standard babysitting uniform = skinny pants + oversize flannel (excuse the weird half-smile!)

When babysitting parents tell me to “help myself” to anything for dinner, I tend to take them seriously. Kitchens with little kids can be a black hole of junk food, so I always try to make something relatively healthy. I put together a colorful salad, some crackers with laughing cow light swiss cheese and strawberry preserves, with fresh strawberries on the side.


Quite the random combo!

I followed that up with a number of fun-size Halloween candies and my new multi-vitamins – SmartyPants brand – that I ordered from Amazon this week. I LOVE gummy vitamins (obviously because they taste like candy), but I don’t love the weird additives. SmartyPants are the first ones I’ve tried that use organic ingredients and I’m loving them so far.


I was born with grandma-like palms!


I was starving when I woke up this morning! I quickly threw together one of my favorite breakfasts, this sweet-and-savory egg sammy that I originally found on Julie’s blog.

My version includes:

  • 1 ezekiel english muffin
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • strawberry jelly
  • 1 piece reduced-fat swiss cheese (I used a wedge of Laughing Cow light swiss because we were out of deli cheese)


Also enjoyed aside an un-pictured mug of coffee

breakfast closer2

Up close and personal

After breakfast, I prepped these stuffed peppers for dinner, but of course all the photos are on my camera. Later, Bobby and I went to get our flu shots (ouch), then headed out to my most favorite destination on earth……..TJ MAXX! TJ Maxx is to me what Target is to most ladies. I go in there looking for pajama pants, and come out with caramel corn, flax seeds and a new iPhone case. Today was no different 🙂

I have some school work ahead of me this evening, in addition to watching Nick Wallenda live in Chicago. I’m convinced he’s absolutely crazy!

nick wallenda

Who does that for FUN?!





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