How to Wear White in Winter

And…….we’re officially into the weekend!

I promised you a fashion post and we’ll get to it in just a bit, but first, let’s cover lunch.


I packed ahead, including leftover spaghetti squash and a honeycrisp apple. Of course, I nabbed a few of these for dessert. 🙂


I also grabbed some random handfuls of crackers and chips throughout the afternoon in order to satisfy my carb-tooth. Now, on to the exciting part of this post.


As mentioned earlier, Bobby and I are attending my friend Kristin’s event tonight. She is on the junior board of a children’s hospitals, and they’re throwing a cocktail party to benefit pediatric cancer research. I almost used my old standby, Rent the Runway (<–affiliate link), but decided to shop my own closet instead.

I wore this dress from ASOS for a “white party” at the end of summer.

white dress2

Clutch: Gigi New York; Shoes: Dolce Vita (via Nordstrom)

step n repeat

When I bought the dress, I had every intention of wearing it into winter, and tonight seems like the perfect occasion. I haven’t decided my exact game plan in terms of “winterizing” it, but I have some ideas.

  • Swap bare legs for tights – obviously a no brainer when the temps are in the low 30s, plus tights can dress up anything. I may go very dark black, but likely something a little more sheer.

black tights        VS.        sheer black

Source & Source

  • Add in a more substantial black heel –  Your shoes and tights should always fall into the same color palette to elongate your legs. In this case, black on black. I’m actually lacking in the black heel department (weird, right?), but would like to go for this look (minus a few inches on the heel).

lily collins


  • Use a darker bag – when I first wore the white dress, I was trying to stay with the theme. But since we’re bordering on the winter season (crying), a purse with a dark print or interesting fabric will work best – think leopard, suede or metallic.



  •  Make your lips and nails a darker shade – winter is THE time to play with makeup colors. When I wore this white dress in September, I did a light pink lip and nude nails. This time around, I’ll probably wear dark gray nails and a much darker lip.





If you have anything in your closet that you think could work for all seasons, then I hope my tips help! As always, if you have any specific questions, I’m happy to answer them. I have about three hours to figure out what exactly I’m going to wear tonight, but stay tuned tomorrow for the end result.

Have a fabulous Friday night.





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  3. Carol

    Hey Lizzie, I am really enjoying reading your blog. The info. Is very helpful for women of all ages!


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