Outfit Inspo: Olivia Palermo

Hi guys!

I hope it’s much warmer where you are today. We got our first taste of winter today with temps in the 30s and lots o’ wind. I never know how to dress during this transitional time of year, as evidenced by my choice of coat today.


I am also a bag lady

I wore my trench that is meant for light rain, but actually needed a hat, gloves and wool coat instead. Oh well. For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you saw that I based today’s outfit off one of my style icons, Olivia Palermo.


My look: 

  • Chambray shirt – Gap (old)
  • Sweater – Michael Kors (old via TJ Maxx)
  • Jeans – Paige Denim (old via consignment)
  • Shoes – Keds (via Nordstrom Rack; similar)
  • Bag – Gigi New York

I pinned Olivia’s outfit to my “Weekend Fashion” board on Pinterest because I love how it’s laid back, yet still put together. I already had everything in my closet, so this was easy to recreate.


For an alternative, I’d like to switch out the jeans for black skinny pants, the shoes for pointy-toe leopard flats, and the bag for a more structured tote to reflect an overall business-casual look.


I packed up my coffee and lunch bag, and headed to campus for a full day of classes.


Sitting in classrooms from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. calls for lots of good snacks, so I always plan ahead. I ate my breakfast while waiting for class to start.


This picture does not look too appetizing, but I promise it was. I bake a dozen of these egg white muffins every Sunday for grab-and-go breakfasts/snacks throughout the week. They stay really well in the fridge; just nuke them in the microwave for 30 seconds and you’re good to go! I’ll post a full recipe in the next couple of days.

Halfway through my first class, I snacked on a bunch of mini pretzel crisps. I should have known they wouldn’t tide me over for very long, because around 12:30 p.m., I dug into my lunch.

whole lunch2

I packed a pear, my SmartyPants multi-vitamins, and a salad I threw together consisting of romaine + carrots + 1/4 avocado + unsalted almonds/peanuts + reduced sugar craisins + Bolthouse Farms yogurt ranch dressing.


I love colorful salads!

I headed to Starbucks in between my afternoon classes because I needed a major pick-me-up in the form of an iced coffee with one pump pumpkin spice.


I brought my own almond milk and truvia, and enjoyed my caffeine with a chocolate chip cherry torte Lara bar on the side (one of my fave flavors).


In terms of exercise, today actually became an unplanned rest day (I’m all about resting my body, especially after an intense spin class like yesterday’s). Because I got home later then I’d planned this evening, we decided to order sushi and catch up on our DVR instead. Sounds like the perfect night to me.

I’m going to a spin class tomorrow morning, followed by babysitting during the day, then we have plans to attend my friend Kristin’s charity event in the evening. I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend, even though it’s supposed to snow. Say what?!

Enjoy the rest of your night!





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3 responses to “Outfit Inspo: Olivia Palermo

  1. Obsessed with Palermo (and her hub too) haha.
    xx Karen http://www.stylesmorgasbord.com


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