From Wimp to Weightlifter?

Hi guys – how’s your Monday going?

Last night, I threw together a quick dinner of baked salmon + brussels + leftover spaghetti squash. While Bobby watched the Bears game, I got organized for the week ahead and started The Book Thief, which I picked up at my library branch earlier in the day. I joined a new book club and it’s the chosen read for December’s meeting.


While it might not be my typical choice (I find that when a book is set in a historic era, it’s harder for me to stay interested – maybe I’m actually twelve years old?), I’m breezing through it and really enjoying the story thus far!


I woke up this morning just in time for my favorite spin class at Fly Wheel. I drank a cup of coffee + 1/2 banana before heading out the door.

banana coffee2

On my walk over, I enjoyed crunching through the last fallen leaves of the season.


While Fly Wheel is done entirely on bikes, there is a short arm sequence (think low weight, high reps like a barre class) near the end of class. It’s actually quite the reprieve after 30 minutes of intense cardio. You have the option of grabbing a two or four-pound bar to complete the sets. I almost always grab the lighter weight since I’m a weenie already so fatigued by that time. However, I was feeling that internal motivation today and/or envy towards others in the class lifting heavier weight, but I used both bars together for bicep work. I still used two pounds for the shoulder routine, but it felt good to push myself harder, at least through part of it…even if I looked a little like this.


  • Where does your motivation come from in group exercise classes?
  • What about when you’re just at the gym? Or at home?

I was famished when I arrived back home, so I quickly threw together a protein smoothie.


This one included a handful of spinach + frozen cherries + 1/2 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk + 1 scoop About Time vanilla protein power + 1/2 banana + 6 ice cubes. I also grabbed a handful of homemade trail mix (plain almonds, roasted peanuts and reduced-sugar craisins).

As we speak, I’m day dreaming about this Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai recipe that I saw on Lexi’s Clean Kitchen Instagram page last night.

pad that

I think I have to add this to my “must make” this week. It’s just looks way too good.


Stay tuned this evening for our mini kitchen makeover!



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