How Veteran’s Day is Different for Me This Year

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Before we transition into the usual content you expect around here, I wanted to acknowledge this very special holiday and why it’s different for me this year. Just six months ago, I thought of Veterans Day as similar to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or Columbus Day. To me, it meant a break from school/work, and a chance to briefly remember the historical significance of the holiday.

Well, things sure have changed.

flag 2

This past summer, I was given the opportunity to complete my final social work internship at a VA Hospital. I provided counseling services to the people that have served my country since World War II.  I don’t know how much I helped my clients, but my life has been forever changed.


So, THANK YOU veterans for your dedication to something greater. THANK YOU for risking your mental health, your physical body and most of all, your lives for us. THANK YOU for committing the most selfless act, putting the rest of us before yourself.

I will be forever grateful for you.


I like to keep things light on this little blog, but I couldn’t leave this topic unaddressed. Thanks for listening, now let’s move on!


We had some ground turkey that I wasn’t sure what to do with. I was craving pasta, so I poked around on the Google black hole for a turkey meatball recipe. I came across this one and decided to run with it it. <– Note, I do not follow a Paleo diet, but used this recipe because I had everything in the fridge.

I’ve been cooking so many new dishes lately, mostly because I have a lot more free time. Bobby also loves to cook, but last night he told me,

“You’re getting better than me at cooking,” and he doesn’t like it 🙂

That must have propelled him into the kitchen because he took the reigns on the turkey meatballs while I boiled the Dreamfields penne and threw together a red sauce.


My sauce included a can of plain tomato sauce + onions sautéed in minced garlic + oregano + thyme.


I wasn’t feeling great after dinner, so I hopped into bed around 8:45(!), enjoyed a cup of tea and a Quest bar while catching up on the latest issue of US Weekly.



I think that the weather directly affects the type of outfit I put together. Today, I look like a homeless person. With the wet and dreary darkness outside, it made sense for some reason to wear leggings, a ratty shirt, five-year old rain boots and a curly bun.

photo 5

 After putting together my less than fashion-forward outfit, I packed my lunch bag for a day of classes. (Side note: I graduate in less than four weeks, and I think I’m in denial). I’m still feeling a little off and don’t have much of an appetite, so I threw together a bunch of snacks to have throughout the day.

 photo 4

 Tortilla with peanut butter + pear + homemade trail mix + string cheese + gummy vitamins.

I took my coffee to go, and enjoyed it with ½ banana.

 photo 1 (1)

 I normally eat a much bigger breakfast, so I’m sure I’ll be hungry in an hour. After I drank most of my coffee, my brain came to life and I realized that probably wasn’t the best choice for an upset stomach :/




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