Printing Inappropriate Things at Work

After I arrived home this afternoon, I took a bath and read some of The Book Thief. I was still dealing with a little nausea and thought the relaxation would help. Baxie thought so too.


After a popcorn snack this afternoon, I feel pretty much good as new!


Now, I have a funny story to share with you guys.

Over the weekend, my laptop was having issues, so I used Bobby’s work computer. I’m always looking for coupons for the items we buy regularly, so I used his computer to print a bunch of them.


I guess I stopped paying attention because the printer wasn’t shooting them out, until it dawned on me that his work computer was connected to the printer at work. I didn’t say anything to Bobby because I just figured someone would throw them out, even though his name would be in big bold letters on the printed cover page.

Well, I was definitely wrong!

He got home yesterday and immediately asked me if I printed anything from his computer over the weekend. He said that one of his colleagues dropped off a stack of papers on his desk and said,

“Here are your coupons, man.”

I died laughing! It still makes me chuckle just picturing that interaction 🙂

The best part is that Bobby works in a very macho-man industry, so the fact that his colleague found very un-macho coupons such as “$.50 off 1 pack Sargento cheese,” and “Buy-one-get-one-free SkinnyPop” is just too good.

coupons so many

It reminds me of a time when I had a haircut appointment after work, so I printed full-size color photos of celebrities with my desired cut, totally forgot, and went to lunch. I came back to my office and the print outs were laying there on my desk. I didn’t know who found my pictures, which made it that much more embarrassing!

Have you ever printed something inappropriate at work, only to have someone else discover it?

 Have you ever found someone else’s random printouts?




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