Eating + Dressing Through Polar Vortex Round One

Somehow this day flewwww by, yet I don’t feel like I got anything significant accomplished. Anyone else ever feel that way?


Around 1 p.m., I toasted a  slice of ezekiel bread and added 1/4 avocado + 1 slice deli turkey. I enjoyed my avocado toast with a side of homemade trail mix (toasted almonds, unsalted peanuts, reduced sugar craisins).


close up

I typed up some notes for a presentation I have due tomorrow before bundling up to brave the elements. I really shouldn’t complain because I know the coming months will be ten times worse than this week. I’m already ready for spring break –> do you get those when you’re a non-student? I can’t remember 🙂


I bought this Zara blanket scarf (for 50% off!) a few weeks ago. I’m a bit on the fence about it – I wore it for the first time last weekend and was sweating the whole time. I find it slightly overwhelming to wear unless the temps are below freezing like they were today. I know it will come in handy for polar vortex 2015.

If you didn’t live in Chicago last winter, this is what I looked like for two months.

polar vortex

So attractive!

I had a babysitting gig this afternoon where I enjoyed a few slivers of a donut(s). The pieces may or may not have comprised a whole donut 😉


To negate the sugar overload, I also devoured a honeycrisp apple + peanut butter.


FYI: apples are best served over downtown Chitown.


On the menu tonight are turkey burgers + side salads. If you haven’t caught on yet, Bobby and I have some favorite dinners that we keep in rotation. I plan to switch things up more often so as not to bore myself you.

Have a great rest of your night!




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2 responses to “Eating + Dressing Through Polar Vortex Round One

  1. Ugh. Chicago’s home for me. (Okay, okay, Chicagoland is home for me) And so I’m coming back for the holidays. But leaving from San Francisco, where it’s still in the 60s kills me.

    Good to see what I’m going to have to pack. Love your eats!


  2. I was in San Fran a month ago for the first time – your Fall is amazing! I hope it’s not too bad while you’re here. I’d take 40s at this point 🙂


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