A Random Act of Kindness

You know it’s winter when I’m wearing a turtleneck. I spent most of my life hating those constricting sweaters (I thought they were itchy?…), but now I wear them solely for warmth.



After my classes today, I snacked on a honeycrisp apple with peanut butter before heading downstairs to our gym. I am quite sore from yesterday’s strength training – like sore to the point of bracing myself on the handrail while walking down the stairs – but I knew it would help to loosen up my legs on the recumbent bike. I completed a quick 30 minutes while reading The Book Thief, and followed it up with some light stretching.


Sometimes, easy cardio is where it’s at!


Now, for my eloquent transition…

While walking to campus this morning, I passed a homeless man. Not a uncommon site in downtown Chicago, but it was 16 degrees outside and he didn’t have gloves. It was cold enough that I couldn’t even take my gloves off to send a text because of the biting wind.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this guy throughout the day.

It’s only November, how will he survive the winter? How is it ok that I have a different pair of gloves to go with all my different coats, and he doesn’t even have one pair? Who am I to complain about the cold when I have a roof over my head and too many clothes in my closet?

I know there isn’t much I can do for him that will improve his life. I can’t provide him a home, or homecooked meals, or a job…but I had an idea.

I’d already planned to stop at Walgreens on my way home, so while there I picked up a pair of gloves. I have no idea if I’ll see him on that corner again, but I walk that same route on Thursdays and will surely look for him.


By no means and I trying to paint myself as a martyr. There are people out there that provide far more for the homeless population.

Tthis situation got me thinking about finding a regular opportunity to volunteer. When I first moved to Chicago, I spent time volunteering at an animal shelter, but that fell by the wayside when I started graduate school. In this interim period between my final semester and finding full time employment (read: lots ‘o free time), I would love to volunteer in a direct service capacity.

Questions of the day:

  • Do you volunteer in your city? I would love some ideas!
  • What’s the last random of act of kindness you did?
  • Do you feel more inclined to volunteer during the holidays? I know I’m guilty of this.





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3 responses to “A Random Act of Kindness

  1. What a nice thing you did – most people wouldn’t have given that man a second glance – please let us know if you do see him again!!


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