Deal Stalking and a Brain Fart

Hey guys, how are ya?

We’re hosting Bobby’s sister and her husband over here for dinner tonight. We haven’t seen them in a while and wanted to have a pseudo holiday celebration before the calendars start filling up. I’m making a cheesy chicken pasta bake. It’s a variation on this one, using spinach instead of kale and way less ricotta. I’ve made it a couple times, but never for company. Hoping they love it as much as we do!

No exercise today for me, but I’m planning on a morning workout before we hit the road tomorrow.


I toasted my last ezekiel english muffin this morning and topped it with crunchy peanut butter and 1/2 banana.


As per usual, I packed lunch to-go including the same egg white salad from yesterday atop romaine, plus some green grapes on the side. <– literally the exact lunch from yesterday. Oops!


Remember that research paper that was due today? Welp, it almost turned into the research paper that wasn’t. I printed it yesterday, placed it in my class folder and dropped the folder into my purse last night. When I opened my bag this morning to hand it in to my professor, IT WASN’T THERE.  Turns out, I had removed said folder this morning because I wanted to lighten my load while walking to school. Literally didn’t even think about it. Luckily, I was able to email it to my teacher, but still. Talk about stressful.

pink pad2

On my way home from class I stopped into Nordstrom. Sometimes it’s dangerous living on Michigan Avenue 🙂


I had been online stalking a pair of booties for weeks waiting for the price to drop. I noticed they were reduced a few days ago, but knew shipping would take way longer than just hopping into Nordstrom. Fortunately, they had my exact size and I loved them even more in person. Lucky me! They’re the Franco Sarto Octagon Wedge Bootie. 


My new booties are already packed in my suitcase for our Thanksgiving trip to the farm, in addition to my “rugged” staples: cozy knits, fur, flannel and Fryes.


I don’t really consider myself to be type A except when it comes to packing. I type out every single item broken down by day or category. 🙂


Questions for you:

  • Have you jumped on the booties trend train?
  • What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
  • What is your packing strategy? <– I’m always fascinated by others’ methodologies or lack there of!





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6 responses to “Deal Stalking and a Brain Fart

  1. Jennifer

    Dinner was delicious!!! Can’t wait to try the recipe!! … If I can make it haha! Can’t have another “Pinterestfail” Also, love love the typed out piece of paper with each attire for each day and activity! Amazing !


  2. I pack for an occasion the same exact way as you do Lizzie. I’m so happy to know I’m not the only overly organized packer out there! :)))


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