Recap: 7-Day No Sugar + Sweat Everyday Challenge

Good morning!

Can you believe it’s just two days until Turkey Day?! We are headed to St. Louis tomorrow morning to visit extended family and I cannot wait.

As planned today, let’s get to my recap of the 7-day no sugar + sweat everyday challenge. To read more about why I undertook such a feat, head here first, or check out my halfway point recap.



  • Cravings disappear quicker than I anticipated. Days one and two were great. I was motivated and feeling good about my cleaner diet. Days three and four were brutal. Intense headaches accompanied by wanting ALL things sugar makes for an unpleasant couple of days. However, I woke up on Friday feeling fantastic! I can’t even remember craving anything sweet the entire weekend.
  • Lots ‘o energy! This is one of the most exciting parts of the challenge for me and why I’d recommend it to anyone suffering from chronic fatigue.
  • I’m hyper sensitive to sugar highs. This one is tied into energy levels but deserves its own point. You get a quick high when you overload your bod with glucose in a short period of time. To counter the effects, your brain sends out serotonin which is a sleep-regulating hormone. Helllloooooo increased fatigue!
  • Sugar is in everythingI kind of knew this already from completing a similar challenge earlier in the year. But man, I needed to be reminded. My plain roasted almonds have sugar! My Bolthouse Farms yogurt-based ranch! Cheerios! English muffins!
  • I plan to maintain a low-sugar lifestyle. I’ve determined that reducing my everyday sugar intake has to be a part of my lifestyle. I feel my best when my blood sugar stays regulated and I don’t have to deal with the highs and lows.



A disclaimer: the challenge actually came out to eight total days (Monday through Monday). I ended up working out six of those days.

  • I felt challenged. That was the point, right? I’m used to exercising three to four days per week for no other reason except that’s what I’ve determined works for me. I am most motivated when working towards a specific fitness goal (ie. a half-marathon or hitting a certain number of group exercise classes per month). This totally reinvigorated my love of fitness!
  • I tried different things. With a membership to Class Pass, I have a wide range of fitness classes available to me. However, I usually stick to spin and yoga. On the days I didn’t attend a group exercise class, I did an old workout DVD, browsed Pinterest or searched YouTube for inspiration.
  • I plan to keep this up. I know it will be more challenging when I’m working a 9-5 job again, but these are the few months when I should be taking advantage of free time. I’m setting a new goal of sweating five days per week!


You’re probably wondering what my plan is for Thanksgiving eats.

Will I eat sugar? Yes.

Will I enjoy it? Absolutely.

Will I exercise? When I can.

I am all about indulging on special occasions. It’s just important to me that I know how the overload of sugar will affect my body. Dessert coma, here I come 🙂


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