Household “Chores” Take a Back Seat + Cyber Monday Buys

If you’re ever naive enough to think I’m one of those people that has it together, please take a look at this photo:


Everything is exactly where I left it when we arrived home on Saturday night. I call that talent. In reality, I have been in finals mode for three days now. All my regular “chores” have been lowest on my priority list. Hence, this note that I found in the kitchen this morning:


(Please don’t think Bobby is some demanding “man of the house.” We’ve discussed multiple times that I prefer to do all the laundry because I’m picky about how things are washed and dried!). I always, always get our laundry done on Sundays. It’s just part of the schedule I’ve set for myself. Welp, not this week, and apparently he has no clothes.

Just get me through Thursday and life will be a little less crazy 🙂


A cold, creamy smoothie was calling my name this morning.


I threw the following into the blender: 1/2 frozen banana, frozen strawberries, unsweetened almond milk, About Time vanilla protein powder. So tasty! Also enjoyed a cup of joe on the side. I’m still on the Pumpkin train and want to use up my Dunkin before I buy a holiday flavor.


I’m trying to work on another paper through the morning, while also incessantly tracking my Cyber Monday purchases. I ended up ordering a couple pieces of jewelry from Gilt <–affiliate link (for gifts, so not posting links!), some random Amazon items including a scratching post, a computer sleeve and Smarty Pants multi-vitamins. I’ve also recently been checking out Talbots sales on the reg and ended up buying this belt for $12. My parents will find it hilarious that I shop at Talbots now. When I was a pre-teen, my dad thought I was dressing too old for my age (I probably was), so he bought me a pair of long, khaki shorts from Talbots. I promised I’d wear them, but they sat unworn at the bottom of my drawer for years! Sorry Dad :/

I’m most excited about this dress I ordered from Bluefly that I plan to wear to Bobby’s company holiday party next week and my friend’s wedding at the end of the month.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.41.19 AM

I rented a Black Halo cocktail dress from Rent the Runway a few months ago, and loved it so much that I tried to buy it. After realizing that it was from a past season and literally doesn’t exist on the interwebs, I’ve been hunting for a similar style ever since. I hope I love this one just as much.

Off to try and be productive. Also, who else is excited for the VS Fashion Show?





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3 responses to “Household “Chores” Take a Back Seat + Cyber Monday Buys

  1. Hi Lizzie! Good luck with all of your school work. And I’ve never used Rent the Runway before. Were you happy with the experience?


  2. That dress is so cute – I hope you end up loving it!


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