Lunching & Learning

***I meant to post this around 4 p.m. this afternoon, but accidentally saved it in my drafts. Oops!**

As we speak, I am currently holed up in our building’s business center trying to get some studying accomplished. I needed a change of scenery to see if I could gather some studying mojo. It’s not quite working. I just have one more final on Thursday and I am done, done, done with grad school!



I spent the morning at the post office (mailing some earrings I sold on Poshmark – wahoo!), getting a pedicure (lovely) and running a few errands in the neighborhood. Is anyone else sick of the sun-less, wet weather? I picked up a salad from Pockets on my way home and ate it in the business center.


salad close

Romaine & iceberg + craisins + edamame + walnuts + cucumbers + carrots + honey mustard dressing with a whole wheat roll on the side


Nothing special on the dinner agenda tonight, just more studying and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, of course. Have a great night!



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