Decorating for the Holidays

Last weekend, I realized we were already a quarter through December and I had yet to decorate our apartment. The horror! We made a mutual decision not to buy a tree this year, mostly because of what happened last year.

in tree

As soon as we put the tree up, he scaled the trunk and made it all the way to the top! It was both hilarious and traumatic.

Decorating Small Space for Holidays Final

Since we weren’t getting a tree, I knew I wanted to decorate the apartment more than usual. I had a few things from my chilhood, mostly ornaments, that my mom had sent me over the years, but not much else. I like decorations that can be used through the winter and aren’t entirely Christmas-themed, and I am also on a budget. We headed to a local floral shop and Marshall’s with a plan in mind.

floral shop

The shop does have flowers, but the first half of the store is always filled with seasonal decor. I pretty much wanted everything! It was right up my alley with the natural textures, neutral colors and glitter 🙂


I ended up buying a bag of pinecones, two sparkly balls, a small wooden sleigh and a hedgehog (?!).


I placed the pinecones in a glass vase that originally housed mini gourds throughout the fall. The arrangement currently sits on a side table, but I’m still not really sure if it works there. Any suggestions appreciated (talking to you, mom).


I used the sleigh, hedgehog and sparkly balls as a centerpiece on the kitchen table. I’d like to also gather some type of table runner – I’ve heard Target has them and I’ll likely swing by after Christmas when all holiday decor is basically free. 


Our next stop was Marshall’s. I found a sparkly star made of branches that worked perfectly with my natural theme, and hung it on the balcony door.

star on door2

star close2

Bobby picked out two houses (where the hedgehog probably lived) that are actually ornaments, but worked just fine on our TV console.

up close

They’re right next to a small faux pine tree, also from Marshall’s, and a balsam candle.


I also snatched these dish towels from Marshall’s, and am calling them holiday decor.

dish towels

Decorations wouldn’t be complete without relics from my childhood. My mom had these stocking holders in her decorations stockpile, and sent them to us last year. We don’t have a mantle, so our stockings are hung on the TV console this year (gotta love city living).



She also sent us the Christmas mugs we used for Santa’s hot chocolate back in the day. These remind me so much of being a little girl and the excitement of Christmas morning! Love them.


Lastly, and perhaps my most favorite decoration of all, the advent calendar I used as a kid.

advent far

advent far advent close

My mom used to fill each day with a piece of candy so that we could enjoy a sugar rush before heading off for school. I slacked this year and you won’t find candy in there, but it’s probably for the better. 🙂

Questions for you:

  • Do you decorate with new items, childhood relics, or a combination?
  • What’s your favorite decoration?
  • Does your pet terrorize your Christmas tree?





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2 responses to “Decorating for the Holidays

  1. That hedgehog is adorable! I am planning on doing a major Christmas decoration shopping spree after the holidays this year when everything is marked down 75%. We need some new decorations badly but I hate paying full price!


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