Back at It

Well hello there! Long time, no talk, eh? I’ve been chained to my bed with the stomach flu since Saturday night and it hasn’t been pretty. I took the past two days off of life and blogging in order to fully recuperate. Today, I’m beginning to feel like a real person again. Getting out of the house for a midday massage definitely helped.


Bobby bought me a massage for graduation, and it was perhaps the best hour of my life.


I’ve been subsisting off of Ginger Ale and toast for days now. Literally, that’s pretty much it. Vegetables have been scarce and I’ve had to force down fruit. I wanted to play it safe this morning and felt like carbs were still my best option.


You have here a toasted ezekiel english muffin with peanut butter and a sliced banana. No coffee yet for this belly (and I feel like a zombie because of it).


I wasn’t hungry for lunch until about 3 p.m. I put together a turkey wrap and enjoyed it with pretzel crisps and hummus.


No time for plates these days! My wrap included deli turkey + reduced fat swiss + light mayo + mustard + pickles


I picked up a first-day-of-Hanukkah gift for Bobby at Marshall’s this afternoon (in case you’re wondering, he’s Jewish and I’m Catholic). 😉 I may have had a couple bites of his gift for an appetizer dessert.


The gourmet food aisle at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s is my happy place. A close second is the wrapping paper section. How cute are these?


What about my workout plans, you ask? I haven’t exercised in six days. SIX days. That feels like a lot and I can’t even blame the stomach flu entirely. I definitely think my body needed a break and I’m trying to run with it. I’m planning an easy cardio + yoga session tomorrow morning, pending that I feel back to normal.


I’m meeting one of my gal pal’s for a drink tonight, who just happens to be a very talented graphic designer. Stay tuned for a possible blog redesign in the near future!



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