7 Places Your Pet Shouldn’t Be

As soon as this post goes live, Bobby and I are headed to the gym (my mom’s gym gave us 7-day guest passes – wahoo!) and then we’re braving the Christmas crowds to do some last minute shopping and gift exchanges. Wish us luck!

Since I’ve been in Louisville, I’ve been loving on my parent’s cat Grayson.


He’s the sweetest little guy, but is nothing like Baxter. Baxter is curious, mischievous and downright manipulative at times (but only in the cutest way). I was making a sandwich yesterday and pulled out the turkey and cheese, fully expecting to have to shield my sandwich from wandering paws…until I remembered that Grayson is a super low key animal and doesn’t beg for food like my fur son. It had me thinking about all the places in our apartment that Baxter loves, but isn’t supposed to be.

  • 1. The sink. He sleeps in there while I’m getting ready for bed and when I’m getting ready for the day.


  • 2. The Christmas tree. The #1 reason why we didn’t get one this year!


  • 3. The refrigerator. If there’s raw chicken or deli turkey in there, he can’t be tamed.


  • 4. The closet. Enough said.


  • 5. Trying to nap on me while I blow dry my hair. I once read somewhere that cats think the hair dryer is hurting you, so they become extra snuggly trying to “protect” you. (I know it’s weird, but I always prop my leg on the counter, as it takes the pressure off my lower back. Yes, I’m 90 years old).

getting ready

  • 6. Under the door. He refuses to be locked out of any room.


  • 7. On my laptop. He must like it because it’s warm, but he used to sit there when I was right in the middle of typing a paper. So annoying!



Questions for you:

  • Where does your pet love to be, but isn’t supposed to?
  • What kind of pets do you have?





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3 responses to “7 Places Your Pet Shouldn’t Be

  1. So true. All of them haha


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