Favorite Finds Friday {12/26}

Good morning!

Does anyone else have a Christmas hangover? I don’t know if it’s all the sugary foods I’ve been consuming, the lack of exercise, or the fact that I’ve been staying up way past my usual bedtime (2:15 a.m. last night!), but I woke up today feeling extra groggy and puffy faced. I’m more than excited to return to my healthy eating and exercise routine in a few days.

Anywho, let’s get to the real reason you’re reading this post: Favorite Finds Friday. This edition will follow a bit of a Christmas theme (as well as an accidental animal theme, but what else is new?), with a few random tidbits sprinkled in. Let me know your favorite finds from the week in the comments section — I’d love to hear from you!

  • Scarves! Scarves seemed to be the theme of Christmas this year. My mom received three as gifts, Bobby was gifted two, I got two and my oldest brother Jeff received one – that’s eight between four people! Definitely not complaining though 🙂


My mom sporting her three new scarves

  • Old family photos. Each time I return home for the holidays, I end up sorting through old photo albums with my brothers. Looking at a childhood picture elicits many memories for me and I end up remembering so many aspects of that particular event. I snagged a few to frame once I get back to Chicago.


Practicing t-ball with my older brother Garrett

  • Stockings. Arguably my favorite part of Christmas. I’m always so excited to dig into my own stocking and watch as everyone else empties theirs. Santa includes many random, but thoughtful items. For example, this year I received a meat cleaver, underwear, barre socks and hand cream, in addition to a sea of candy!


Grayson the cat trying to eat Baxter’s catnip-filled stocking

  • Balance is the key. 




If you liked reading about my favorite things from the week, check out:





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