Spin, Yoga + Finding Your Character Strengths

Hello hello! What are you up to on this fine new years eve? We are playing it low key by going to a movie later this afternoon and cooking dinner. Sounds perfect to me. You might have noticed a lack of blogging yesterday – sometimes I simply feel uninspired and frankly, I’m trying not to dwell on blogger’s guilt, as I continue to figure out a posting schedule that works best for me.

At the end of this post, I’m discussing a fun personality test that I stumbled across yesterday. But let’s back up a bit first.


Our groceries were delivered this morning, but yesterday we were still wallowing in we-have-nothing-in-the-fridge misery. Instead of cooking our typical healthy weekday dinner, we ordered thai. Asian cuisine is my favorite genre of food. I could eat it every. single. day.

pad thai

Pad thai and teriyaki fried rice (+ about 1/3 more)

While enjoying dinner in front of the TV last night (I know, I know), I came to the realization that I don’t enjoy watching my shows as much as I used to. I haven’t worked a regular job since October and during my down time these past three months, you could rarely find me catching up on TV. That should be a sign, right? I’m planning to purge my TV watching in the new year, that’s for sure.


I dragged myself out of bed yesterday for a morning spin class at Flywheel. I was running late, so there was no time to eat a full breakfast and allow it to digest. Instead, I grabbed an apple and ate it during my absolutely bone-chilling cold walk. The studio is about 12 minutes from my apartment, but it felt like 30!


I haven’t taken Flywheel in weeks, mostly due to the fact that Class Pass only allows three classes at the same studio per month. HOLY SHAT was it challenging. I mean it always is, but this was much harder than it’s ever been for me. Leave it to Flywheel to remind you that you’ve been a slacker in the cardio department lately. After spin, I headed to Exhale spa for my favorite yoga class. It ended up being everything I needed and more. Typically, I would never condone taking two exercise classes in a row. However, my Class Pass subscription ends in a few days and I’m trying to get the most bang for my December buck.

Bobby is off work this week, so I met him for lunch at a sports bar in our neighborhood. I have a weakness for really good bar food and Timothy O’Toole’s did not disappoint. I ordered the turkey club sans bacon on whole wheat with a cup of french onion soup.


I ate about 3/4 of the above plate. French onion soup holds the key to my heart lately. If you have a good recipe, please send it my way!


discover your strengths image

I was reading through the December issue of Glamour magazine last night when I stumbled across an article about happiness. The author mentioned that an important key to lifelong happiness is finding a career that doesn’t feel like work. I know what you’re thinking; we’ve all heard that before, but the article focused on uncovering your character strengths and how to match them to a career. The VIA Institute on Character created a 120-question personality test that ranks a person’s 24 character strengths in order. It took about ten minutes to complete. I wasn’t entirely surprised with my top five results, but would like to work on my bottom five in the new year.

My top five character strengths according to the test:

  • 1. Love – I value close relations with others. I knew that love was an important value to me, but didn’t expect it to be #1.
  • 2. Prudence – I am a cautious person and make careful decisions. I’ve known this for years. Heck, I won’t even cross a street against the light. 
  • 3. Forgiveness – I forgive those who have done me wrong. I refuse to hold grudges against those who have hurt me, but sometimes fear that I can be seen as “too nice.”
  • 4. Fairness – Treating all people fairly is one of my abiding principles. One of the reasons I was inherently drawn to social work. 
  • 5. Judgement – Thinking things through and examining them from all sides. I take pride in being able to view an argument from both sides and I find it to be one of my greatest strengths. 

My bottom five character strengths according to the test:

  • 20. Bravery  This makes sense considering one of my top five traits is prudence. 
  • 21. Zest – It’s been a tough year and maybe my zest for life has diminished a bit. I’d like to learn to take life by the horns in 2015 and see it as an adventure.
  • 22. Appreciation of beauty and excellenceI realize that I am not always mindful of the beauty in everyday life. Meditation and continuing my yoga practice is at the top of my list for 2015 and forever. 
  • 23. HumilityThis is a little embarrassing. I think I am a pretty humble person, but I could always be better.
  • 24. SpiritualityI feel most connected to a higher power when I am immersed in nature or meditating. I’d like to improve on both in the new year, in addition to maintaining a gratitude journal. 


Questions for you:

  • If you took the test, were you surprised by your results?
  • How many TV shows do you regularly watch? Which ones?

I’ll see you later today with my thoughts on the new year.




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