Beachin’ It

Good morning! I’m coming to you from the sunny beaches of Naples, Florida!


Vacation has been pretty amazing thus far. I’ve already eaten fresh seafood for 75% of my meals, lounged on the beach and enjoyed too much wine and dessert. I landed in Ft. Meyers on Tuesday afternoon before meeting my aunt, cousin and mom at the airport and driving to Naples. But let’s back up a bit first.

Even though the temperatures were in the negatives and there was some snow on the ground in Chicago, my plane miraculously took off on time and I made my connecting flight in Atlanta.


A shameless and sweaty plane selfie

plane snacks

Travel snacks

I typed up a blog post on my first flight (note to self: don’t trust Southwest wifi – your blog post will get deleted even when you think it posted!) and caught up on some reading during the second. With my travel time broken up into two legs, it was a breeze.

Once we arrived at my aunt’s house in Naples, we cracked open some champagne and devoured a spread of apps. My mom and I are staying in the guest house and walked in to the cutest welcome basket put together by my cousin Laura. Most of these snacks have already been taste tested by now!



Around 8 p.m. we sat down for dinner. Laura threw together an amazing seared swordfish and goat cheese crostini salad. She’s only 22, but has been cooking since we were little girls. She’s one of those people that has an innate sense of cooking and and we’re lucky to be her guests. 🙂 Between Laura and my sister-in-law (who arrives tomorrow), there is some serious food talent in my family.



Yesterday morning we headed out around 9 a.m. for a brisk beach walk. It was about 70-degrees, sunny and breezy – basically, the weather was perfect for a workout. Apparently the onslaught of holiday travelers are gone, so the beach was fairly sparse and full of “wildlife.”


So many starfish!


My mom and me

After our walk we headed home to change into bathing suits before venturing back out to the beach. It was a tad breezy, so wearing a coverup was necessary. Since the harsh winter is officially upon us in Chicago, it felt like my skin hadn’t seen the sun in four months. I lathered on the SPF and let the vitamin D do its job. My mom and aunt fell asleep while Laura and I chatted and I read my book.


Around 12:30 we were starving for lunch. We found a table outside at the beach club. Everything on the menu appealed to me, so it was hard to narrow down my decision. I settled on a shrimp & crab salad and we shared some bread and a side of onion rings. It really hit the spot!


If you can’t tell, I am in total relaxation mode. We are off to the gym and spa later this morning, plus my sister-in-law is joining us for the weekend tomorrow. I do not want this vacation to end!

I’ll see you tomorrow with some job news 🙂





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6 responses to “Beachin’ It

  1. onomatopoeicbliss

    Looks like more slackin’ than workin out in Naples😉 Isn’t there where all the old people go in the winter?!?😲


  2. Looks amazing enjoy! Naples is beautiful this time of year!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohhh Lizzie, you are making me so jealous! You know I’m a Southwest Florida gal, and I love those beaches more than any others in the world. Enjoy the sun and soak up the fun! And yes, I eat nothing but seafood when I’m on vacation too. 🙂


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