Travel Outfit Fail

Hello there! How are things on this fine hump day?


I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t typing this post from the comforts of my warm bed. I’m trying to ease my body back into single digit temps. I took the train into the city yesterday afternoon dressed in a wool cape and flats – no coat, hat, gloves or socks. I didn’t really think through how to dress for my travel day and I was getting some strange looks. Bobby picked me up at one of the trains stations downtown and my hands froze from my walk from the train to his car door – brrrrrr!

Alright, now I’m done complaining about the weather…for now.


We left my aunt’s house around 10:30 a.m. yesterday and headed to the Ft. Meyers airport. I grabbed a quest bar and an apple for breakfast and ate them both in the car. I sat with my mom at her gate since my flight didn’t leave for another few hours. Once she began the boarding process, we said our goodbyes and I headed to my own gate. Ever since I left for college I dread saying goodbye to my mom. I’m always in a funk for a day or two after we depart. Love you more than life, Mama!


At one of our many dinners out in Naples

I bought a skim latte and an overpriced turkey sandwich at Starbucks before sitting down at my gate. The Ft. Meyers airport has free wifi (praise the Lord!), so I caught up on some blog reading before boarding my plane to Chicago.


turkey sam


After a very smooth travel process, Bobby picked me up downtown and we headed home. I unpacked a little, put in our grocery order and loved on Baxter (who pretended he didn’t know me…gotta love cats) before it was dinner time over here. Since there was literally nothing in the fridge, we both were in the mood for takeout. I decided on our go-to sushi joint. We always order so many rolls, I can never remember to tell you about them the next day. Think spicy california, spicy shrimp, one speciality roll + two others. I also ordered a miso soup to warm me up. I’d consumed very little produce throughout the day, so I blended up a smoothie for dessert.


1/2 banana + frozen strawberries + almond milk + ice


I have a hair appointment later today. I only get my hair colored 3-4 times per year, and it’s a little brassy since my last appointment. I’m thinking of asking for a subtle bayalage similar to this photo. What do you think?





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