Thursday Thoughts

Good morning, my friends! Happy Thursday to you. Any fun plans this weekend? I’m babysitting on Saturday night, but other than that we are free. Yippie!

In the blogging world, Thursdays are for “thinking out loud” and I’ve decided to join in today. Since I haven’t started my job and I am currently living the life of leisure, as I like to call it, my mind jumps from thought to thought all dang day. Be prepared for the randomness that will be today’s post.

You have been warned…

1. I had a strangely disturbing dream last night and I can’t stop thinking about it. You know that passing feeling you get where for a brief second you can’t remember if the dream actually happened or not? I turned to Dream Moods this morning to dissect every aspect of my dream. Good or bad dream, I love Dream Moods for its comprehensive “dictionary.”

2. I am obsessed with browsing the Kleinfeld Bridal Sample Sale on Gilt. No, I’m not engaged and am not planning a wedding, but I still can’t help but scroll through the extravagant dresses! A $14,000 jeweled corset gown, anyone?

3. I’m currently reading Unbroken and can’t put it down. If you can get through the first 70 pages or so, you will love this book. I just want to be friends with Louie Zamperini.

4. Our grocery order is scheduled to arrive today. Yessss! I was forced to scavenge the kitchen yesterday for a moderately balanced lunch. I’m really into monochromatic meals.


5. I am beyond excited to start my job on February 2nd, but I can’t help but mourn my last few weeks of freedom. I feel anxious about finding the time for my own self care, blogging, cooking and exercise. Normal right? Then I look at Chelsey, who has twin toddlers, a full-time job, a husband and a blog, and she finds time to workout and cook…and I realize that it is possible. 🙂

6. The Today Show puppy is just too much. He makes my morning ritual that much more fun.

today show pup


7. Why is it that I need a vacation to recover from vacation? Every since I returned from Naples I’ve been sleeping like a zombie and find myself annoyed that it’s not 70-degrees in Chicago.


8. I don’t think my go-to breakfast sandwich will ever get old. I could eat it for every meal. My favorite combo is an ezekiel english muffin + swiss cheese + strawberry jelly + egg white patty.

breakfast sam

9. Baxter is so manipulative. He could have cared less when I got home from Florida, but ended up curled up against my stomach at 3 a.m. Sneaky little manipulator!

10. I had my hair trimmed and colored yesterday. Last time it was highlighted, I thought it ended up way too light, so I requested more lowlights with a bayalage technique for the highlights. I love it, but you probably can’t see a lick of difference!

hair collage

Before | After


I’ll see you tomorrow for Favorite Finds Friday!





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7 responses to “Thursday Thoughts

  1. jennifer

    I have a similar hair color and have been getting a mix of highlights / lowlights. I hate when it looks too light and then gets brassy so thinking of trying Bayalage too! What salon?


    • I had been drooling over bayalage photos for a while and am glad I finally went for it. It gives you such a natural highlight/lowlight pattern. I go to Salon Soca in Lincoln Park and highly recommend it!


  2. Natassia

    I’ve been trying to get you to read Unbroken forever! About time!


  3. Totally thought that was you on the today show holding at dog. I was about to ask you is Al was cool or not. Lol


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