Still Alice, Meal Prep + Workouts for the Week

Hey hey! Welcome to the last week of January, my friends. I wish I knew where the month went.

Before we kick off your regularly scheduled Monday programming, I must share with you the GNO (girls night out) that was had last night. It started with sangria at a local spot, Emilio’s Tapas, followed by a slew of Spanish small plates.


cheese plate goat cheese hummusAfter dinner, we headed to the movie theater to see Still Alice (a novel that we were assigned to read in grad school). Still Alice, the story of a college professor’s diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s, is one of those narratives that comes along every once in a while. A heart wrenching, poignant, true-to-life depiction of how a deteriorating illness can turn a person into a shell of her former self. The story highlights a significant lesson that life is precious and can change with the snap of a finger.

Now how’s that for starting your Monday?

But honestly, it is a fantastic movie and even better book.


Because I am a great procrastinator when it comes to studying for the LSW, I decided to outdo myself with meal prep this week. I always make egg white muffins and some form of chicken for salads, but I added a few more recipes to my arsenal this weekend.

No bake oat balls prep No bake oat balls Tomato white bean soup

Meal Prep Tomato white bean soup pot



Workouts for the Week:

**You can keep up with my fitness now on the new Workout Log!

  • Monday: 20-minute cardio + yoga; foam rolling
  • Tuesday: 40-minute cardio + strength training (lower body)
  • Wednesday: yoga
  • Thursday: rest/foam rolling
  • Friday: 40-minute cardio + strength training (upper body)
  • Saturday: FREE power yoga class @ Nordstrom
  • Sunday: rest/foam rolling


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2 responses to “Still Alice, Meal Prep + Workouts for the Week

  1. Kudos to you for expanding on your meal prep! My chicken didn’t thaw in time, so it’s hardboiled eggs for me today on salad….and meal prep tonight! Oops 🙂 Maybe I’ll whip up a new protein muffin recipe too! Have a great week!

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