Favorite Finds Friday {2/5}

I’m welcoming Friday with open arms this week! I’ve mentioned it about 16 times already, but it has been an exhausting five days. It’s been a while since I’ve really looked forward to the end of the week, and now I’m reminded of that lost feeling.

Any plans for the weekend? I’m working later on Friday night before heading home for a DVR-marathon and Whole Foods takeout. Saturday will include some blog stuff, organizing, errands and a friend’s birthday festivities. It should be a nice little weekend.

Since it is Friday, it’s time for Favorite Finds, one of my favorite posts during the week. It’s here that I compile all the things that have made my week that much better. I would love to hear about your favorite finds in the comments section. Feel free to link, link, link away!

  • Homemade oat balls. I started making these a few weeks ago and they have quickly become a favorite snack for both Bobby and me. I’ll usually take two to work for an afternoon snack or enjoy a couple for dessert at home.

oat ball

  • L.K. Bennett heels. Kate Middleton wears this brand all the time and I’d be lying if I said I purchased them for any other reason. I’ve had my eye on the classic style for months and when Gilt.com hosted a sale, I snagged the navy pair right away. They are some of the most comfortable heels I’ve worn, the 2.5 inch is perfect for work and they will last a very long time. Three cheers for investment shoes!

LK Bennett

  • Egg burritos. I’ve really been on a Mexican food kick lately, which is strange because it’s not usually my favorite. One of my go-to breakfasts this week has been a whole wheat tortilla with plain greek yogurt, hot sauce, one scrambled egg, egg whites from the carton and a little sharp white cheddar. It really hits the spot!

egg burrito

  • Clinique Lid Smoothie 8-Hour Eyeshadow. I knew I wanted to streamline my weekday makeup routine before I started working again. My mom has sworn by this shadow for years and I finally decided to give it a whirl. I settled on the Cashew Later color and already want to buy the whole line.

Clinique eyeshadow

Tomato White Bean Soup final

  • I never really know what to include in homemade salad dressing. This infographic lays everything out in a perfect step-by-step tutorial.

Homemade Salad Dressing

Homemade file box

  • Buzzfeed typically posts hilariously satirical articles, but this one about 27 life-changing tips for twentysomethings is really thoughtful and full of great advice. I happen to think the tips are applicable for people of any age.
  • Have you seen the Saved by the Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon? I die! I can’t get over how Jessie Spano and AC Slater look the exact same.
  • I’m not even a music person, but Ed Sheeran just gets me. I can’t get enough of this song. 
  • It seems like “happiness” is already the buzz word of 2015. Huffington Post shares 27 common things that prevent our happinessI like to think I’m a pretty happy person, but of course I’m guilty of some of these, particularly #3 and #20. 


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Thanks to Katie for the link up!

Have a wonderful weekend.





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2 responses to “Favorite Finds Friday {2/5}

  1. Okay, Lizzie — That egg and Greek yogurt burrito creation? I MUST try it. And you know, I’ve never actually made oat balls before, so I should get on that. I’m a big fan of anything the Duchess wears as well. Hope you have a relaxing weekend! 🙂


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