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New Job Anxiety

new job anxiety

Last night Bobby brought it to my attention that I haven’t talked a whole lot about my new job on here. I included a few details in a Favorite Finds post a few weeks ago, but other than that, my mentions of it have been sparse. Funny, because all I’ve been thinking about lately is my new 9-5.

Well guess what? Next Monday, I start a job that I’ve been dreaming about for three years! I’ll be a staff therapist for a small private practice that specializes in treating eating disorders.

I didn’t know what an eating disorder was as a kid. Weight was never a topic of conversation in my family, and my mom purposefully kept “fashion” magazines out of our house. She didn’t want me to develop a negative body image, for which I will always be grateful. I danced ballet into my teen years and watched friend after friend go to “dance camp” for the summers. In reality, as I would find out later, they were in rehab for an eating disorder. While I never developed eating issues of my own (thank God), I became passionate as to why someone develops a compulsion about food and what the health consequences can be. In my late teens into early twenties, I read so many memoirs and fiction novels about women with eating disorders. I couldn’t learn enough. I enrolled in graduate school two years ago with the sole goal of working as an eating disorders therapist. At the risk of sounding too trite, I feel like it’s the reason I was put on earth.

There is literally nothing else I would rather be doing with my life. 

Even though I (will be) making a living by listening to others, I have a hard time opening up about myself. Yes, I write a blog that’s about my life, but my primary goal is to inspire others to live a balanced life. I guess my fear in talking too much about my career would take the focus off the “healthy living” genre that is this blog. I thought that emphasizing how happy I am that I’ve found my dream job and how proud I feel would be too “me, me, me!” I figured that expressing my anxieties about starting anew and not being a good enough therapist would seem too negative Nancy. I worried that you come here for overall health inspiration, not details about my working life.

But what am I so afraid of? This is my blog; my corner of the world where I can write about whatever the heck I please. This new chapter in my life is what makes me me. My life is not consumed by health and fitness. I am so much more than that. I vow to be more open with you moving forward, my friends.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! ❤




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My Personal 2015 Resolutions + a FREE Printable for You

Happy Monday to ya!

I thought this photo of Baxter captured the essence of the first day back to work (for most of you).

b sheets

Today I’m sharing my resolutions for the new year plus a free printable for you to do the same. I know a lot of people are against making new years resolutions and I get it. The thought of choosing one farfetched goal to achieve in 365 days seems daunting and sets most of us up for failure. Plus, waiting until January 1st to even *start* reaching for those goals seems counterproductive. Am I right?


Instead of making one new years resolution, I feel like I’m always on a quest for personal development and am constantly setting and re-evaluating my goals (like when I decided in June of last year that I was going to compete in a pageant?!). But there is something to say about the start of a new year. It feels like a completely blank slate and I am all for starting over.


Inspired by Lauren Conrad’s blog, last January I wrote down all my goals for 2014 in the back of my Erin Condren life planner. My planner joins me everywhere I go, so I was constantly checking in on my progress. My goals were broken down into achievable categories such as “a project I’d like to finish” (still working on that one) and “a food I’ll eat more of” (success!). It really kept me accountable to see a visual representation of my aspirations every single day.


This year, I created my own printable to share with you. Instructions on how to print it are included at the bottom of this post.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 3.20.56 PM

My own personal resolutions for 2015:

  • Spend more time doing: yoga; meditation
  • Destination to visit: a weekend getaway with Bobby (destination TBD)
  • Skill to learn: coding and SEO for the blog
  • Bad habit to break: letting clutter pile up (I’m highly organized, but not the neatest person – if that makes sense)
  • Healthy habit to start: morning exercise
  • Career goal to achieve: pass my LSW exam; get promoted/a raise (in whatever job I find)


A la Gina, I also created a 2015 inspiration board on Pinterest. I’m a Pinterest addict, but have never thought to put together a board like this. I look forward to adding more pins throughout the year.

You can check it out here:

How to print:

1. Click the “PDF” icon at the very bottom of this post under “share this.”

2. Delete all images (except the 2015 Resolutions printable) by clicking on each image once.

3. Hover over each paragraph of text and choose “click to delete.”

4. Choose print.

*If the above steps are confusing, just email me at and I’d be happy to send you the original.


Questions for you:

  • Do you make new years resolutions? What are some of yours this year?




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