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Wednesday Wisdom

Ok, this post isn’t going to have a ton of wisdom, per say, just some random musings that have been running through my head. Along with Favorite Finds Fridays and Sunday Snaps, I’m going to keep this as a regular mid-week thang – one post where I can be slightly neurotic in my thoughts and you can’t judge me.

But first, let’s cover the day.


I was really looking forward to my morning yoga class at Exhale Spa, as part of my Class Pass membership. Exhale is more of a spa than a gym, so the whole place has a very tranquil feel. Ohhhmmm. I loved this particular teacher – she took everything slow, which is perfect for a somewhat newbie like me. Something very exciting(!) happened during class, but I will cover that more in a bit.

After yoga, I put together a very colorful lunch.


I took a can of tuna + light mayo + plain greek yogurt + red pepper + carrot + salt/pepp, with a pear on the side. I didn’t measure anything out, just made it to suite my taste buds.

close up

After lunch, I spent the rest of my afternoon cranking through a massive research paper that’s due next week. I forced myself to work from our “home office” instead of sitting on the couch to type.


We just finished up dinner and are currently plopped on the couch catching up on Shark Tank reruns. We’re kind of obsessed.


Now, onto Wednesday Wisdom – a place where I share some things that are semi-interesting, but don’t necessarily constitute an entire blog post.

  • This whole Today Show shake up really has my panties in a wad. Apparently Natalie Morales and Willie Geist were fired?! It feels similarly to when Harrison was killed off Scandal! I’ve been a Today Show devotee for years, but this might make me turn to GMA. The horror!



  • I achieved my first arm balance in yoga! It might have been a sad version of crow pose and lasted for 3 seconds, but it still counts!  For someone who has been practicing regularly for less than two months, I feel very accomplished. Maybe I looked a little like this?



  • On the yoga note, I was chuckling to myself in class today about all the things that were going through my head. I really try to relax and breatheeeee, but sometimes this happens: Is that someone else’s hair on my mat? I really need a pedicure. How can she do that? How can HE do that? Do I have a yoga body yet? What should I write my blog post about?


  • If you haven’t seen The Crash Reel, the documentary about olympic snowboarder Kevin Pearce, you are surely missing out. One of my teachers showed it in class this week and I didn’t want it to end! Kevin suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) a few months before the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the movie chronicles his career and recovery. I’ve never had a hint of interest in extreme snowboarding, but this is such. a. good. movie. I know it’s available via HBO Go, iTunes and on Netflix DVD.

kevin pearce


That’s all I got! See you in the morning for my no sugar challenge update.





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