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Meal Prep & Workouts for the Week: Feb. 16-22

Hey hey!

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and weekend. I am just popping in quickly tonight to bring you my fitness and meal/snack plan for the week. I’m taking the day off of blogging tomorrow, but will be back in action on Tuesday to share some fun pics from Valentine’s Day weekend and a go-to recipe as of late. Since we won’t be chatting tomorrow, have a lovely President’s Day, especially if you have it off work/school ūüôā


I just was not in the cooking mood today, so meal prep was a little more sparse than usual.


kale salad


I have a few ideas in my head and in the fridge, but wasn’t quite as organized this week. Hey, it happens. Here’s a tentative plan:

  • White bean chicken chili
  • Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce &¬†chicken sausage
  • Salmon, baked carrots & kale Caesar salad with Barefoot Contessa dressing <– made for V-Day and we have leftover dressing and tomatoes!


  • Monday: 40-minute cardio + lower body strength training
  • Tuesday: 20-minute cardio +¬†abs
  • Wednesday: yoga sculpt via Crunch Live¬†+ YouTube yoga to = 60 minutes
  • Thursday:¬†30-minute cardio ¬†+ abs
  • Friday: 40-minute cardio + upper body strength training
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday:¬†rest


Question for you:

  • Do you plan out dinners or just wing it?




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Meal Prep & Workouts for the Week: Feb. 9-15

Happy Monday, my friends! How was the weekend?

Bobby was out of town for a ski trip, so I decided to play it very low key. Some errands were accomplished, lots of Netflix watched (I’m working my way through Pretty Little Liars¬†and a long list of documentaries), a much-needed¬†nap was taken, a little LSW studying here and there and of course, my typical Sunday meal prep.

The snow is finally melting a bit and I no longer feel the need to duck under the “Caution: Ice Falling” signs on Michigan Avenue. Now it’s more like a drip of ice cold water down your back every once in a while. Saturday was particularly beautiful with sun streaming through my windows and temps in the 40s!

Flowers in the sun

The forecast on Sunday was a little less than desirable, so I spent the day meal preppin’, plowing through some¬†laundry and getting things in line for the week ahead.


meal prep list


Energy Oat balls2


Yoga at home


  • Monday: 40-minute cardio + lower body strength training
  • Tuesday: 20-minute cardio + yoga
  • Wednesday: yoga sculpt via Crunch Live
  • Thursday: rest/foam rolling
  • Friday: 40-minute cardio + upper body strength training
  • Saturday: rest/foam rolling
  • Sunday: 20-minute cardio, stretch


Questions for you: 

  • Are you into Netflix? Hulu? Amazon Prime? What shows are you watching?
  • Do you workout on the weekends?

Have a great day!


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Thoughts on a Thursday

Good morning!

Your regular reading has been a little different this week as I slowly acclimate to my new work schedule. Thanks for sticking with me! Any full-time workers +¬†bloggers out there? I would love to hear your secrets. I thought I would keep today’s post more true to form, a little tangential and more about what’s going on in my world. Sound good?


Yesterday I just could not wake up. I snoozed a couple of times before turning off my alarm and stumbling out of bed. Transitioning¬†from a couple months of not having a¬†schedule to working a busy full-time job is not pretty, ya’ll. I am so fortunate to have this new position; honestly, it feels like a dream. However, the schedule is a little wonky and will take some time getting used to. Most of my days start at noon and end closer to 8 or 9 p.m. Sometimes they will be longer like 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. I am most definitely not complaining though. Like with anything, my body and mind will adjust in time!

I started my tired morning with 20-minutes on the treadmill following a modified version of this routine.

20 Minute Treadmill Workout

If you’re looking for a quick calorie burn, this PopSugar interval workout does not disappoint. It was challenging, but it was also over quick enough to even notice. I also completed a 10-minute yoga video¬†(<– I actually do not recommend this video. It was a little slow and the instructor is kind of annoying!)¬†in the group exercise room alongside two meathead-like men who were grunting and panting the whole time. It felt a little awkward and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Ha! I guess it’s my fault for trying to follow a yoga video outside the comforts of my living room.

Fortunately, I had prepped a bowl of oats the night before and they were waiting for me patiently in the fridge. Otherwise, I might have eaten my arm for breakfast.

Overnight Oats

Old fashioned oats, almond milk, plain greek yogurt, truvia and chia seeds mixed together and left to sit overnight. In the morning, I added honey, walnuts and craisins. 

A couple more thoughts about this week…

  • My meals have been monotonous, rushed and probably not the most balanced. However, my weekend meal prep has literally saved me this week. I might have eaten the same things, but they kept me from devouring¬†microwaved popcorn for every meal.

Eats from the Week

  • Getting fitness out of the way in the morning has been key¬†to feeling productive. Since I don’t have my evenings anymore, the morning hours are my time to get thangs done.
  • Speaking of fitness, on Sunday I took quite the embarrassing photo. It’s on my Twitter feed and you’ll just have to go there because I can’t find the actual photo to post.¬†I wasn’t paying attention to how I was dressed myself (mindfulness, anyone?) and ended up in all pink. Um…
  • Coffee really is my bff. I have a sleep shirt with that saying plastered on the front and Bobby loves to make fun of it.

Coffee in bed

I don’t have time for a filter, so just ignore my dark circles, beautiful hair and the fact that I’m typing this from bed, mmmkay?

  • Since I’m really great at transitioning, speaking of Bobby… I arrived home late on Tuesday night and he had dinner waiting for me! How awesome is that? This isn’t even a #humblebrag. It was like the nicest, most needed gesture ever.

Chicken fajitas

I had the above serving of chicken fajitas x2.

  • Valentine’s Day is next weekend. Excuse me? How is that even possible? It’s one of my favorite holidays and I really need to get my *shat*¬†together.
  • I forgot how much I love business casual clothes. I find work outfits to be the easiest to put together. Now if I had to wear “nice” jeans everyday I would end up in leggings and sweaters.

Work Wear

  • Since I know how much you love cat pictures, I will leave you with this one. He’s also had a long week.

tired baxter

Questions for you:

  • What is your work schedule like?
  • Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What do you do? <– When I was single, I once hosted an all-girls party and my teeny tiny apartment. We had a blast!




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Meal Prep & Workouts for the Week: Feb. 1-7

Hello Monday!

It’s been a while since this girl was up at the crack of dawn to start her work day. I’ve officially had over six weeks of zero obligations since school ended in December. It has been so stress-free and invigorating¬†to be able to run errands in the middle of the day and sleep as late as I want; however, my down time has also been monotonous and draining. At some point, you run out of things to fill your day, ya know? While I genuinely enjoyed my¬†last stretch¬†of free time for God knows how long, today marks a new chapter: day one at my new job!

I don’t start until noon, so I’m excited to have the morning off¬†to workout, to spend some extra time getting ready (but let’s be real, I picked out my outfit two weeks ago), read blogs and the news, and enjoy a hearty breakfast.

Speaking of news, have you heard about the Chicago blizzard? From the Chicago Tribune website:

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 8.27.43 PM

Form the time we woke up, the snow did not stop. The last time I measured at 4 p.m. yesterday, we had over twelve inches! Crazy stuff. There was no way we were braving the elements for the Superbowl, so we stayed home and just simply chilled out in our cozy clothes. It was a lovely little Sunday.

What did you end up doing for Superbowl? Were you homebound because of the snow?

As per usual around here on Mondays, I’m sharing my tentative dinner and fitness plans for the week. I know the first week at my job will¬†be busy and possibly include some later nights, so I made sure to prep enough stuff for both of us to grab in a pinch (read: hangry).


meal prep


Side note about the black bean brownies. I subbed a couple of things and used a blender +¬†mixer instead of a food processor. I must have done a few things wrong, because I thought they were awful! I also couldn’t get passed the fact that I was eating chocolate with black beans. Note to self: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ūüėČ

black bean brownies


  • Sunday:¬†Salmon¬†& stir fry veggies
  • Monday: Spaghetti squash with¬†marinara sauce (I made my grandmother’s *infamous* sauce recipe on Saturday, froze a bunch of it, but kept¬†enough¬†in the fridge for this week!)
  • Tuesday: Ground turkey quesadillas
  • Wednesday:¬†Gorgonzola herb baked chicken & roasted broccoli
  • Thursday: leftovers
  • Friday: takeout
  • Saturday: TBD


  • Monday: 40-minute cardio + yoga
  • Tuesday: 40-minute cardio + lower body strength training
  • Wednesday: yoga
  • Thursday: rest/foam rolling
  • Friday: 40-minute cardio + upper body strength training
  • Saturday: 20-minute cardio + yoga
  • Sunday: rest/foam rolling


I’ll leave you with this precious photo of Baxter. All he wanted yesterday were rubs from his dad.

Baxter rubs

Have a great rest of your day!




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40-Minute Treadmill Walking for Beginners

Yesterday was one of the best days ever.

Whole Foods opened in our neighborhood! While this may not be¬†news to some, the ‘hood has been void of a major grocery store for over a year now.¬†Chicago is a very walkable town and to have to¬†drive¬†to buy groceries is just a travesty. I’ve been counting down the days until I could spend my whole paycheck on organic chia seeds and $8 cold pressed juices. ūüėČ

Like the strange person that I am, I woke up early to stand in line with 499 of my closest friends.

Whole Foods line

We were all vying to be one of the first 500 people into the store so that we could snag complimentary gift cards. They were handed out at random and ranged in value from $5 to $25, with one lone gift card worth $500. I, of course, was the lucky recipient of a $5 card. Ha! But hey, it was still a fun hour or so spent in line. I made some new friends and tried a number of samples that were passed around.

Whole Foods Samples

Some sort of cookie bar & locally brewed coffee

I also came away with a green juice. A bit too much cayenne for my taste, but I already know I’ll be a frequent visiter to the juice bar. I love a good fresh juice, but absolutely hate to clean my juicer. Who’s with me? Such a pain!

Whole Foods green juice

Also, if you can’t find me, I’ll be¬†here…

Whole Foods Cookie island

Drowning in icing and sprinkles. Most people drink after a stressful day? I eat cookies.

We even went back to Whole Foods for¬†dinner to take advantage of the 50% off hot bar. It was a freaking mad house and I was so overwhelmed that I just shoved random items into my cardboard boxes. Don’t ask me what’s in there. I don’t know.

Whole Foods Hot Bar

Now, to switch gears a bit,¬†let’s talk fitness. When the cold temps sweep into Chicago, I feel the need to take my workouts indoors. You guys already know I’m a big fan of at-home workouts, but I also turn to the treadmill¬†to vary my routine a bit. I’m not much of a runner and never have been. I ran a half-marathon once in college, kind of enjoyed training, but also never felt those runner endorphins people talk about (leading me to think they are a myth!).

I am however, a big fan of power walking. If I set the incline and speed at just the right levels, I see a major calorie burn on my polar watch and really feel my heart pumping. I could never walk at the same speed or incline throughout the duration of a treadmill session. I would die of boredom before I found out if Adnan Syed is guilty! (any Serial fans out there?). Interval training has become integral to my consistency with cardio.

This 40-minute treadmill walking workout is perfect for beginning exercisers or anyone who is looking for a moderate calorie burn. It’s something I turn to at least once a week on the days that I use our building’s gym.

*Please remember that I am not a personal trainer or a doctor and am just sharing what works for my personal fitness level. Always listen to your body and check with a professional before starting any exercise program.

40-minute treadmill walking beginners


Questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite ingredient to put in fresh juice? <– I love carrots for the flavor and color.
  • What’s your go-to form of cardio? <– Spin class for me. I miss Fly Wheel!




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Introducing the Workout Log

Just popping in today with a rare Sunday appearance. For my fellow Chicagoans, I hope you’re still in your PJs (like me) and staying out of the sideways wind and snow.

I’ve been updating the blog this weekend and wanted to direct you to the new Workout Log page. You can follow along while I keep myself accountable to exercise. I’m always striving for that healthy balance and hope to inspire you to do the same.

workout log final

I’ll see you in the morning! Have a great night. ‚̧


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5 Favorite At-Home Workouts

Hey hey!

I’m coming at ya at little later than usual this morning. We went to dinner with Bobby’s parents last night and by the time we arrived home I just didn’t have it in me to write today’s post. Actually, I lied…I had no clue what to write about today. I was simply uninspired. I’m trying to bore you less and less with just my daily eats and workouts for the day, and provide you with a little more substance (just a¬†little more – don’t get greedy now).

Then it dawned on me.

Ever since I quit ClassPass, I have been looking for ways to maximize my workouts either in our living room or in the building’s¬†gym. There are so many great online, and not to mention FREE, sources for exercise out there. It’s almost not even worth it to join a gym these days (you didn’t hear it from me!).

But first, let’s rewind a little to yesterday.


I spent the morning working on some blog stuff while chowing down on a bowl of vanilla overnight oats. The usual ingredients went in the mix, including 3/4 cup vanilla greek yogurt + 1/2 cup oats + 1/2 cup almond milk mixed together and left to sit in the fridge overnight.


In the morning, I topped my bowl with a drizzle of honey and walnut pieces.

I had a facial recently and the aesthetician suggested that I add walnuts (great sources of omega-3s) to my daily diet to combat dryness in my skin. Obviously I bought walnuts the next day. I am a sucker for unsolicited beauty advice.

Also, I couldn’t help but show you how much my photography skills are improving. Just look at those colors!

breakfast 2

Not really. I will never be a photographer.

Yesterday was a yoga day, so I spent a few minutes searching Amazon Prime and YouTube for a longer-ish video. My girl Tara Stiles never disappoints, so I went with her 50-minute yoga workout for strength and energy.¬†I’m at the beginner-advanced stage¬†and can never find a video that appeals to my current skill level. This one was perfect. I am a pretty flexible human by nature, but when it comes to any poses related to back flexibility, just forget it.

mat baxie

Recycled photo, but pretty standard procedure for trying to workout in the living room!


Lunch was pretty freaking boring, but I feel obligated to show you a photo anyway.


See, I told you. Sauteed kale + shredded chicken with BBQ sauce + a pear.

We went to dinner at Frankie’s on Michigan Avenue. And because I never want you to actually think that my diet only consists of oatmeal and kale, I must share with you that I had two pieces of pizza and a salad plus pumpkin spiced chocolate chips when I got home.

Balance, people.


Some of the fitness sources that I turn to on a regular basis are detailed below. Let me know if you try any of these!

5 Fave at Home Workouts final



strength training guide

  • 4. Gina, Julie and Courtney’s blogs.¬†All three gals are NASM certified personal trainers and I have been turning to their blogs for inspiration for many, many years.
  • 5.¬†YogaDownload.com. A hidden gem in my opinion. Search by length, level or style to find the perfect yoga series.


Questions for you:

  • Where do you find at-home workout ideas?¬†
  • If you’re a blogger, do you take photos on your phone or do you own a fancy camera?
  • Are you a fan of overnight oats?



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Review of ClassPass

Happy hump day!

I posted this photo on instagram last night.


It’s official, I have a Master of Social Work degree! I technically graduated in December, but receiving my diploma in the mail yesterday made it the real deal, especially since I was having a reoccurring nightmare where the school miscalculated my credits and I had to complete another semester. Serious night terror.


On the social work note, yesterday was productive. I need to take my Licensed Social Worker (LSW) exam in the next couple of months, but I have been putting off studying because well, it’s studying. Over lunch at Panera, I created a week-by-week study plan to get myself organized and to combat that overwhelming feeling. I have 1.5 weeks left before I start my job, so best be gettin’ my rear in gear while I have the time.


At Panera I went with the you-pick-two option of french onion soup and the fuji apple chicken salad sans cheese.


I also had a great workout in the morning to make up for my lack of exercise intensity last week. I completed 40-minutes on the treadmill, mostly walking at different speeds and inclines. I followed up my cardio with some strength training that looked like this:

  • Dumbbell squats: 12 reps x 2
  • Dumbbell stationary lunges: 12 reps
  • Side leg lifts: 12 reps x 2
  • Donkey kicks: 15 reps x 2
  • Flowed through downward dog chaturanga 5x



I purchased a ClassPass membership back in October, right after they launched in Chicago (they were in five cities when I joined; now are in 22 – crazy stuff!). See if they’re in your city.¬†If you haven’t heard of ClassPass, it is a monthly membership to thousands of boutique fitness classes, including cycling, pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts and more. For $79-$99 (depending on city; I paid $99 in Chicago), members get unlimited access to studios in the ClassPass network, but members can only visit the same studio up to 3 times per month.

At the time, I was bored with my exercise routine and finding it hard to stay motivated. I knew that I’d enjoyed group fitness classes in the past and was looking for a way to fill my free time. I loved so many aspects of my ClassPass experience, but ended up canceling my membership at the end of December.

class pass review final

Here is more about my experience broken down into pros and cons:


  • Diversity of classes. There are¬†so¬†many studios signed on to ClassPass. Every class (except one) that I’d tried in the city was a part of the membership service when I signed on in October. Between cycling at Fly Wheel, barre at The Barre Code and yoga at Exhale, my weekly workouts were ever-changing. I’d planned to try aerial yoga and reformer pilates, but never got around to it before my package was up.
  • The price. Most boutique fitness classes in a city like Chicago are $20-$25 per class. With ClassPass’ monthly fee of $99, each class is a steal as long as you take at least five classes per month (I averaged 8 per month).
  • Cancellation policy. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but always, always check the contract before you sign up with a gym. ClassPass makes it easy to cancel whenever you want and the process was seamless for me.
  • Ease of use. At every studio I visited, they treated me like a paying client and were familiar with the sign in process for ClassPass users (it can differ from regular studio clients). This is crucial when you’re new to a studio and feeling a bit intimidated.
  • App for iPhone. Right when I ended my subscription, they came out with an app. Argh! I tested in briefly and it seems pretty user friendly, similar to the ClassPass website.


  • Location. Depending on where you live in your city, the location of certain ClassPass studios might not be ideal. I¬†live in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago and at the time of my cancellation, there were only three studios within a 10-minute walk from my apartment (in Chicago, you avoid driving if something is walking distance). My two favorite studios, however, were 15-20 minutes away. I don’t mind walking, but that tacks on 30-40 minutes to a workout and would not be feasible for me once I start my job.
  • Cancellation fee. One of the biggest gripes most people seem to have with ClassPass is the $20 cancellation fee. Even worse? If you cancel a class <24 hours before it starts, you’ll be hit with that fee. So basically, if you come down with the flu or are stuck at work or just change your mind about which class you want to take, they’ll make you fork over $20. I did hear that ClassPass is looking to change this and give users a larger window to cancel (like 4-8 hours)…but it hasn’t happened yet.
  • Hard to focus on a goal.¬†In terms of fitness, I thrive when I’m working towards a goal. At different¬†times in the past, I’ve worked towards a half-marathon, a weight loss number, or¬†completing an entire group exercise class. With ClassPass, I found it impossible to focus on a fitness goal. I’d hit a personal best¬†in a favorite spin class, left to¬†try again only two more times that month.
  • Limited class times. ClassPass worked for me for a while because I was able to attend class at any time of the day. 9:30 a.m. yoga? Sure! 2:15 p.m. dance cardio? Got nothing else to do! There are far fewer “peak” class options and they fill up fast. I realized I would get too frustrated with booking a class once I start working again.

Overall, ClassPass is a revolutionary concept and is¬†ideal for those that a) love group classes, and b) get bored easily. It helped me to narrow in on the types of workouts that I enjoy most (spin, yoga and strength training). Now that I’ve figured out how to stay motivated, I’ll likely stick to online/streaming/DVD workouts and the apartment gym. If you’re curious in the least bit, definitely give ClassPass a try!

Liked this review? I also tried Crunch Live a few weeks back if you want to read my take on the online fitness platform. 


Questions for you:

  • Have you tried ClassPass?
  • What is your favorite¬†group fitness class?




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Review of Crunch Live

Crunch Live Review Final

I have always been a big fan of at-home workouts. They are convenient, efficient and weather proof, three essential factors in an exercise routine. In my bookshelves are a few key workout DVDs that I turn to on busy days, in particular Jillian Michaels and Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss.


A few weeks ago Crunch Gym reached out to me about sampling their $10/month online group exercise classes, otherwise known as Crunch Live. Crunch Gym was a pioneer in bring some seriously innovative classes to the world of fitness including Turbo Kick, 2Fly and AirBarre. Their motto is “making fitness fun,” which admittedly, made me roll my eyes at first…but the Crunch Live classes¬†are kind of¬†fun. And don’t get me started on the classes held at the actual¬†gym. Don’t¬†the names Retro-Robix and The Hang-over make you just want¬†to workout? Now if only there was a Crunch Gym anywhere remotely close to my apartment.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.38.48 PM

I had planned to be home in Kentucky for ten days over the holidays and knew I would need some structured workout options in order to stay on track. Essentially, my trial of Crunch Live came at the perfect time. Below I’ve included a full review of the program.


  • Inexpensive. At $10/month, you can’t really beat it. That’s only $2 more than my Netflix subscription and is much healthier for me. ūüôā If you’re into group exercise classes, it’s¬†a great alternative to a gym membership¬†or even a supplement to it. Plus, there are no contracts and you can cancel at any time, which is always a plus.
  • Quality trainers. Have you ever watched an exercise DVD and thought the trainers look discombobulated? (I’m looking at your, background participants¬†from Jillian Michael 30-day Shred). Totally not the case with the Crunch Live videos. They are shot beautifully and the trainers look and act like experts.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.40.42 PM

  • Option to save your favorites. I tried a lot of the videos, so it was crucial to be able to save them down in my personal video library and be able to refer back to my favorites later in the week.
  • Suggested “playlists.¬†Another great asset to the program, Crunch Live offers suggested playlists, a series of shorter workouts designed to maximize your skill and interest levels.
  • Variety. There is literally something for everyone: barre, kickboxing, Pilates, yoga, strength training, cardio dance…you name it. You can also search by class length and find anything from the 15-minute¬†“quickies” to a full 60-minute workout. My personal favorite way to use Crunch Live is to stack three different “quickies” to make it a 45-minute routine (think kickboxing + yoga + abs).

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.41.46 PM


  • Difficult to navigate website. I am a website snob! In order for me to use a site regularly it has to have a clean layout with functional search options. Crunch Live could use some work in that department, as I found it challenging to search for a particular style of exercise.
  • Few yoga videos. Crunch Live is heavy on the cardio, light on the yoga. Of course this is a personal preference, but it’s the main reason I’ve decided not to purchase a subscription. I’ll be sticking to our building’s gym and studio classes for now.
  • There are so many other FREE online resources.¬†I have an Amazon Prime account and just recently discovered the slew of streaming workouts. Granted, Amazon Prime costs $100 per year, but it still comes out to <$10 per month. I also like to use YouTube and YogaDownload.

Overall, I loved using Crunch Live. The cost, variety of classes, and quality of the instructors are top notch!


If you’re interested in giving Crunch Live a try, they’re currently offering a free 3-day trial. Sign up here¬†and let me know if you give it a whirl.



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Favorite Finds Friday {12/5}

Happy Friday to you! I have plans to decorate for Christmas this afternoon and let me tell ya, I could not be more excited.

Today marks Favorite Finds Friday,¬†one of the posts that I look forward to most each week. It’s a place where I share the things that have been making me smile, cry, drool, covet or think. Let me know in the comments section what your favorite finds¬†are this week. Feel free to link away!

Let’s cover dinner first though.


We ordered dinner (via Grub Hub) from a place in our hood called Pizzeria Due. I chose a cup of the minestrone soup,


and their “special salad bowl,” which literally could have fed four people. Think my plate x 3.


I ate about the above plate and saved the rest to enjoy for lunch today. We’ll definitely be ordering¬†from Pizzeria Due again in the future, especially since we received a $5 off Grub Hub coupon because¬†our delivery driver got lost and took 45 minutes to get to us.


  • When a broadway cast¬†broke out into the Lion King on the subway.¬†I love the people that pretend like nothing is happening.
  • The Chicago Transit Authority holiday train is in motion. I’ve been riding public transportation for four years and have yet to catch it. This will be my year!



  • I’m loving all the Christmas¬†trees lining the streets. We haven’t decided if we’ll get one this year (perils of living in a high rise), but the entire¬†city smells like pine trees all throughout December, and it’s heavenly.


  • My new Maybelline¬†“The Nudes” eye shadow palette. I’m a big fan of eye shadow¬†palettes because it keeps me from having to deal with all the individual tins.¬†The colors in this one work on every skin tone and are highly pigmented. If you don’t want to splurge on the infamous Urban Decay Naked palette (which is also fantastic), this is a good bet. I found it cheapest at Ulta.





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