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True Life

True life…

1. Yesterday, I combed a hair mask through my locks, wore a shower cap and completed a 30-minute yoga video in my living room.

cat shower cap

2. Sometimes when you work odd hours, dinner gets weird.


3. It worries me for the children of our country that Kelsey from the Bachelor is a school counselor.

Kelsey gif

4. My work laptop is so freaking huge, like 18 inches or something. Finding a chic laptop bag that is large enough has been the thorn in my side lately. Send any recos my way, but I’ve got my eye on this one:


4. I wish I craved egg whites in the morning, but I almost always want something carb-y and/or sweet.


5. I like to pretend that I quit ballet yesterday, but really, it was over ten years ago. I may or may not have watched this video five times already. I can’t get the link to imbed, so you’ll have to go here to watch it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9.32.45 PM

Question for you:

  • What’s your true life moment today?




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Low Key NYE

Happy first day of 2015!

Feels good, doesn’t it? This is the first New Years Day in years that I haven’t woken up with a slight hangover from copious amounts of celebratory drinks. If that’s not a sign of adulthood, I don’t know what is! We played it super low key with an afternoon showing of Mockingjay (so good, but still prefer the first one).


I totally figured the theater would be packed because aren’t NYE movies a thing? It wasn’t at all, and we were able to snag perfect seats and enjoy our popcorn and peanut m&ms.


The last night of 2014 was topped off with a home cooked meal of crockpot chicken & brown rice risotto. We weren’t too hungry when the timer went off, so I just kept the crockpot on low. Apparently, cooking rice for too long turns it into risotto. I mean, who knew?! It was still quite tasty and a great choice for such a cold night.


I think I need a new food pose. Apparently, holding said food item with left hand and snapping photo with right hand is my pattern.

I’m not going to fool you guys and pretend that I stayed up much past midnight. This old lady watched the Times Square ball drop at 11 p.m. (Chicago time) and was asleep before 12:30 a.m. I know what you’re thinking…I just get cooler with age!


2015 started with a big ‘ol bowl of overnight oats. They used to be a regular breakfast staple a few years ago, but I somehow fell off the wagon. Seeing overnight oats on other blogs lately reminded me how much I used to enjoy them. A craving struck this morning and here we are! Note: these did not sit overnight, but only for about an hour. I find the consistency so be about the same.


6 oz. plan greek yogurt + 2/3 cup oats + 1/2 almond milk + 1 packet Truvia + 1 Tbsp chia seeds + honey + 1/2 banana prior to serving

I spent the morning plowing through some blog organization. I often find the blogging world to be a black hole. There is so much I want to learn and I’m interested in all of it. I started at 9 a.m. and barely looked up until 1 p.m. Yikes! Can you spot the fruits of my labor? Check out the “Pin it” button on the righthand side and the sharing options at the bottom of this post.

Have a great day and see you tomorrow for Favorite Finds Friday.



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Back at It

Well hello there! Long time, no talk, eh? I’ve been chained to my bed with the stomach flu since Saturday night and it hasn’t been pretty. I took the past two days off of life and blogging in order to fully recuperate. Today, I’m beginning to feel like a real person again. Getting out of the house for a midday massage definitely helped.


Bobby bought me a massage for graduation, and it was perhaps the best hour of my life.


I’ve been subsisting off of Ginger Ale and toast for days now. Literally, that’s pretty much it. Vegetables have been scarce and I’ve had to force down fruit. I wanted to play it safe this morning and felt like carbs were still my best option.


You have here a toasted ezekiel english muffin with peanut butter and a sliced banana. No coffee yet for this belly (and I feel like a zombie because of it).


I wasn’t hungry for lunch until about 3 p.m. I put together a turkey wrap and enjoyed it with pretzel crisps and hummus.


No time for plates these days! My wrap included deli turkey + reduced fat swiss + light mayo + mustard + pickles


I picked up a first-day-of-Hanukkah gift for Bobby at Marshall’s this afternoon (in case you’re wondering, he’s Jewish and I’m Catholic). 😉 I may have had a couple bites of his gift for an appetizer dessert.


The gourmet food aisle at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s is my happy place. A close second is the wrapping paper section. How cute are these?


What about my workout plans, you ask? I haven’t exercised in six days. SIX days. That feels like a lot and I can’t even blame the stomach flu entirely. I definitely think my body needed a break and I’m trying to run with it. I’m planning an easy cardio + yoga session tomorrow morning, pending that I feel back to normal.


I’m meeting one of my gal pal’s for a drink tonight, who just happens to be a very talented graphic designer. Stay tuned for a possible blog redesign in the near future!


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Yoga is Necessary

Hey hey and happy Monday to you.

If you were expecting a morning post today, I apologize that you didn’t get one. I am still trying to figure out a blogging schedule that works best for me. I want to ensure that my content is interesting, fun or informative…preferably all of the above! I once read that you should never blog if you just aren’t feeling inspired, and this morning was one of those times. Have no fear though, we are back to normal starting NOW!


Today started with a piece of paleo carrot cake loaf and some green grapes, enjoyed with a mug of gingerbread coffee on the side.


I was in the baking mood yesterday and realized I had everything on hand to make it. This recipe was so easy and took about ten minutes to throw together (not including baking time). There is only one piece left…obviously both Bobby and I hated it.

The morning was spent reading the news and perusing blogs. Around 10 a.m., I realized that I needed to get my rear in gear in order to make it to my prescheduled yoga class. Freezing rain makes for a not so fun walk. I really wanted to turn around and get back in my bed!


I spent 75 glorious minutes in a vinyasa style class at Exhale. As per usual, it was amazing and I felt 1 million times better afterwards. I’ve determined that yoga is necessary both on Mondays and when it rains.



After yoga, I ran a few errands before heading home. I blended up a smoothie for my mid-day meal and slurped it (<–what a God awful word?!) while sending off a couple emails.


1/2 frozen banana + 1/2 C frozen cherries + 1 handful kale + unsweetened almond milk + water + About Time vanilla protein powder + 3 ice cubes

A larger than usual ingredient list resulted in 1.5 smoothies. Hey, I’ll take it!

smoothie x2

This one actually ended up being a little to kale-y, even for me. I might cut down on the leafy green next time. I also grabbed a serving of everything-flavored pretzel crisps for some necessary crunch.



I’m off to catch up on my latest stimulating TV show, House of DVF. We’re having a fend-for-yourself style dinner tonight. Have a lovely evening!




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Sunday Snaps














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Training Myself to Like Sweet Potatoes

Hey hey. Hoping your Thursday is treating you well.

I have to tell ya, I had class this morning with the same girls from last last night and we were all struggling a bit. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had a bit too much wine at the graduation celebration. Oops!


After I published my earlier post, I blended up another smoothie. I know I’m probably boring you with the cold, creamy goodness each morning, but I just can’t stop! I’ve been known to eat the same thing for weeks at a time. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat egg muffins everyday for three months this summer.


1/2 frozen banana + frozen cherries & strawberries + 1 C unsweetened almond milk + 1 scoop About Time vanilla protein powder + 5 ice cubes


I finished up quite the smorgasbord of a workout this afternoon. Crunch Gym reached out to me a few weeks ago about giving their Crunch Live program a try. It’s an online platform of all their cult favorite group fitness classes. I’m just now digging into it, and I’ll be sure to post a full review here soon.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.35.20 PM

I mixed a 15-minute kickboxing/sculpt class plus a 15-minute abs video, followed by a 15-minute yoga segment. It definitely kept me from getting bored.

Lunch today was pretty random, but a great use of leftovers. Enter 1/2 baked sweet potato + crockpot honey sesame chicken.


I’m trying to “train” myself to love sweet potatoes. I moderately like them right now. They’re such a good complex carb and the fiber keeps me full for hours. However, I will always prefer a baked white potato stuffed with sour cream and cheese. 🙂

Today’s eats (drinks?) also included a Starbucks iced coffee with sugar free hazelnut and a touch of cream. I actually don’t frequent the Bucks as much as I used to, but I like to treat myself a few times per week. Side note: if any of you fine people want to get me a Christmas present, I would gladly accept any and all of the holiday-themed Starbucks cups.



I think we’re going to order something for dinner tonight and I have a couple things to cross off the to-do list this evening as well. Is anyone planning to watch Peter Pan live on NBC? I thinking I’ll record it and watch this weekend.

Questions for you:

  • Do you vary your meals or typically eat the same things everyday?
  • Ever “trained” yourself like like a certain food?
  • Did you exercise today? What’d ya do? 
  • What’s your go-to Starbucks drink?



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Brief Day of Eats

I’m currently running around trying to get ready for my university’s graduate cocktail reception. Since the College of Social Work is so small, December grads don’t get a proper graduation ceremony. We are given the option to walk in May’s procession, but I’m hoping that my focus will be on a new j-o-b by then. I’m looking forward to spending time with my school friends in a relaxed cocktail flowing environment. Ya feel me?

I just downed a snack so as not to be famished when I arrive at the reception. Rule #1 of staying healthy at holiday parties!


Homemade trail mix + 1 clementine


Today’s morning meal started with another smoothie. I’ve really been craving those bad boys lately.


1/2 frozen banana + frozen cherries + 1 C unsweetened almond milk + 1 scoop About Time vanilla protein powder + 5 ice cubes


I packed a lunch to take with me while babysitting this afternoon. Another big a** salad was calling my name, though this wasn’t wasn’t quite as large as I’d hoped (I’m running low on tupperware).


Chopped romaine + 1/2 green apple + 1 apple maple chicken sausage + 1 large carrot + swiss cheese + (unpictured) Marzetti light yogurt ranch


Off to try and hot roll my dirty hair and throw some makeup on my flaking face! My cold walk wreaked straight up havoc on my sensitive skin.



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Dinner Party for Three

Hey hey! Happy Thanksgiving eve. We’re heading out in a bit, but I wanted to pop in and say hi first. For those of you traveling today (ie. “the busiest travel day of the year”), I’ll be thinking of you and saying a little prayer for swift and safe journeys.


I wanted to sleep in this morning, but knew I would feel better about spending 5+ hours in the car if I shook my legs out a bit. I completed a 25-minute interval workout on the treadmill followed by some stretching. You’ve seen this one before, but I made a few modifications.


While typing up this post, Bobby-the-omelet-master cooked up some eggs for us for road trip fuel.


Onion + turkey sausage + swiss cheese!


Bobby’s sister Jenny and her husband Paul were planning to come for dinner. However, Paul works in the burbs and ended up getting stuck for a while because the trains were running on a delay. City commuting can sometimes be a nightmare! Dinner turned out to just be me, Bobby and Jenny, with leftovers sent home for Paul. 😦


I prepped everything before our guest arrived so that I wouldn’t be stuck in the kitchen all night.



I made a spinach salad with feta + red onion + pumpkin seeds + green apple + celery + craisins + Marzetti balsamic vinaigrette. ‘Twas delish!


me with salad2

Our main course was a spinach chicken pasta bake, a variation on this recipe. 


(Bobby wasn’t feeling so hot, so he refused to be in my picture). Hi Jenny!


Jenny brought us the cutest desserts – chocolate “pilgrim hats” and a caramel and apples “turkey!”<– which she called a Pinterest fail. I say it’s a win!

pilgrim hats

turkey apples

Off we go to St. Louis!



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Everyday Egg White Muffins [Recipe]

As you read this morning, today marks day one of my 7-Day No Added Sugar + Sweat Everyday Challenge. To celebrate the occasion, I baked a dozen of my favorite (and sugar-less!) go-to breakfasts: baked egg muffins.

To get to the recipe, scroll on down to the end.

egg muffins


I started this morning with a quick 40-minute workout in our building’s gym.


My routine included a 20-minute warmup on the treadmill alternating different speeds and inclines + 20 minutes of lower body strength training. I completed 3×10 of each exercise: squats + lunges + deadlifts + donkey kicks. It’ s been at least a month since I worked my lower body, and my legs still feel like jelly seven hours later!

After showering, I headed out for an afternoon of errands and a doctor’s appointment. For some reason I did not check the weather forecast before I left the house. I wore FLATS…and it was 15 degrees and windy. I ended up taking a cab four blocks home this afternoon because I couldn’t feel my feet.


I ate part of my packed lunch on the go today, literally while walking down Michigan Ave.


My wrap included light mayo + mustard + spinach + carrots + deli turkey.


I ate the rest of my lunch (spicy sunflower seeds + roasted almonds) while waiting for my appointment at the Apple store.



Now, since that’s out of the way, onto the real reason you’re reading this post.


egg muffins 2.0



  • Preheat oven to 375
  • Spray 12-cup muffin with non-stick cooking spray
  • Cut each link into smaller pieces, add four pieces to each muffin cup
  • Divide each piece of cheese into three sections, tear each individual section into smaller pieces and add to muffin cups (so that each cup holds 1/3 slice of cheese)
  • Pour egg whites into each cup until 1/4 inch full
  • Bake at 375 for 30 minutes
  • Let cool, store in tupperware for up to five days

Enjoy for breakfast or snacks throughout the week! We make a dozen or two dozen on Sunday nights and nuke them for 30 seconds in the microwave in the mornings. 




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