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Meal Prep & Workouts for the Week: Feb. 16-22

Hey hey!

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and weekend. I am just popping in quickly tonight to bring you my fitness and meal/snack plan for the week. I’m taking the day off of blogging tomorrow, but will be back in action on Tuesday to share some fun pics from Valentine’s Day weekend and a go-to recipe as of late. Since we won’t be chatting tomorrow, have a lovely President’s Day, especially if you have it off work/school ūüôā


I just was not in the cooking mood today, so meal prep was a little more sparse than usual.


kale salad


I have a few ideas in my head and in the fridge, but wasn’t quite as organized this week. Hey, it happens. Here’s a tentative plan:

  • White bean chicken chili
  • Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce &¬†chicken sausage
  • Salmon, baked carrots & kale Caesar salad with Barefoot Contessa dressing <– made for V-Day and we have leftover dressing and tomatoes!


  • Monday: 40-minute cardio + lower body strength training
  • Tuesday: 20-minute cardio +¬†abs
  • Wednesday: yoga sculpt via Crunch Live¬†+ YouTube yoga to = 60 minutes
  • Thursday:¬†30-minute cardio ¬†+ abs
  • Friday: 40-minute cardio + upper body strength training
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday:¬†rest


Question for you:

  • Do you plan out dinners or just wing it?




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True Life

True life…

1. Yesterday, I combed a hair mask through my locks, wore a shower cap and completed a 30-minute yoga video in my living room.

cat shower cap

2. Sometimes when you work odd hours, dinner gets weird.


3. It worries me for the children of our country that Kelsey from the Bachelor is a school counselor.

Kelsey gif

4. My work laptop is so freaking huge, like 18 inches or something. Finding a chic laptop bag that is large enough has been the thorn in my side lately.¬†Send any recos my way, but I’ve got my eye on this one:


4. I wish I craved egg whites in the morning, but I almost always want something carb-y and/or sweet.


5. I like to pretend that I quit ballet yesterday, but really, it was over ten years ago. I may or may not have watched this video five times already. I can’t get the link to imbed, so you’ll have to go here to watch it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9.32.45 PM

Question for you:

  • What’s your true life moment today?



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Spin, Yoga + Finding Your Character Strengths

Hello hello! What are you up to on this fine new years eve? We are playing it low key by¬†going to a movie later this afternoon¬†and¬†cooking dinner. Sounds perfect to me. You might have noticed a lack of blogging yesterday – sometimes I simply feel¬†uninspired and frankly, I’m trying¬†not to dwell on¬†blogger’s guilt, as I continue to figure out a posting schedule that¬†works best for me.

At the end of this¬†post, I’m¬†discussing a fun personality test that I stumbled across yesterday. But let’s back up a bit first.


Our groceries were delivered this morning, but yesterday we were still wallowing in we-have-nothing-in-the-fridge misery. Instead of cooking our typical healthy weekday dinner, we ordered thai. Asian cuisine is my favorite genre of food. I could eat it every. single. day.

pad thai

Pad thai and teriyaki fried rice (+ about 1/3 more)

While enjoying dinner in front of the TV last night (I know, I know), I came to the realization that I don’t enjoy watching my shows as much as I used to. I haven’t worked a regular job since October and during my down time these past three months, you could¬†rarely find me catching up on TV. That should be a sign, right? I’m planning to purge my TV watching in the new year, that’s for sure.


I dragged myself out of bed yesterday for a morning spin class at Flywheel. I was running late, so there was no time to eat a full breakfast and allow it to digest. Instead, I grabbed an apple and ate it during my absolutely bone-chilling cold walk. The studio is about 12 minutes from my apartment, but it felt like 30!


I haven’t taken Flywheel in weeks, mostly due to the fact that Class Pass only allows three classes at the same studio per month. HOLY SHAT was it challenging.¬†I mean it always is, but this was much harder than it’s ever been for me. Leave it to Flywheel to remind you that you’ve been a slacker in the cardio department lately. After spin, I headed to Exhale spa for my favorite yoga class. It ended up being everything I needed and more. Typically, I would never condone taking two exercise classes in a row. However, my Class Pass subscription ends in a few days and I’m trying to get the most bang for my December buck.

Bobby is off work this week, so I met him for lunch at a sports bar in our neighborhood. I have a weakness for really good bar food and Timothy O’Toole’s did not disappoint. I ordered the turkey club sans bacon on whole wheat with a cup of french onion soup.


I ate about 3/4 of the above plate. French onion soup holds the key to my heart lately. If you have a good recipe, please send it my way!


discover your strengths image

I was reading through the December issue of¬†Glamour¬†magazine last night when I stumbled across an article about happiness. The author mentioned that an important key to lifelong happiness is finding a career that doesn’t feel like work. I know what you’re thinking; we’ve all heard that before, but the¬†article focused on uncovering your character strengths¬†and how to match them to a career. The VIA Institute on Character created a 120-question personality test that ranks a person’s 24 character strengths in order. It took about ten minutes to complete. I wasn’t entirely surprised with my top five results, but would like to work on my bottom five in the new year.

My top five character strengths according to the test:

  • 1. Love – I value close relations with others. I knew that love¬†was an important value to me, but didn’t expect it to be #1.
  • 2. Prudence – I am a cautious¬†person and make careful decisions. I’ve known this for years. Heck, I won’t even cross a street against the light.¬†
  • 3. Forgiveness – I forgive those who have done me wrong. I refuse to hold grudges against those who have hurt me, but sometimes fear that I can be seen as “too nice.”
  • 4. Fairness – Treating all people fairly is one of my abiding principles. One of the reasons I was inherently drawn to social work.¬†
  • 5. Judgement – Thinking things through and examining them from all sides. I take pride in being able to view an argument from both sides and I find it to be one of my greatest strengths.¬†

My bottom five character strengths according to the test:

  • 20. Bravery¬† This makes sense considering one of my top five traits is prudence.¬†
  • 21. Zest – It’s been a tough year and maybe my zest for life has diminished a bit. I’d like to learn to take life by the horns in 2015 and see it as an adventure.
  • 22. Appreciation of beauty and excellenceI realize that I am not always mindful of the beauty in everyday life. Meditation and continuing my yoga practice is at the top of my list for 2015 and forever.¬†
  • 23. HumilityThis is a little embarrassing. I think I am a pretty¬†humble person, but I could always be better.
  • 24. SpiritualityI feel most connected to a higher power when I am immersed in nature or meditating. I’d like to improve on both in the new year, in addition to maintaining a gratitude journal.¬†


Questions for you:

  • If you took¬†the test, were you surprised by your results?
  • How many TV shows do you regularly watch? Which ones?

I’ll see you later today with my thoughts on the new year.



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Christmas in Photos + Workouts for the Week

Hi friends! How are you?

I’m guessing most of you are still enjoying the break from work/school, or maybe, unlike me, you’re already back to a normal schedule. I returned from Louisville late last night and have spent the better part of today in my cozy clothes, catching up on blog stuff and my to-do list. I told Bobby earlier that nothing on my to-do list feels super urgent, making it that much easier¬†to relax and soak up the last few days of 2014. How did the year fly by so fast? I felt¬†like I blinked and¬†it was December.

Christmas was wonderful for us, but it came and went so quickly. With a friend’s wedding, last-minute shopping, gift giving, cooking, baking and lovely dinners out, it was a whirlwind! The holidays are typically just my immediate family, but¬†we missed my brother and sister-in-law this year (they switch off holidays with her family). Instead of giving you a play-by-play recap, I thought I would post some of my favorite photos from the week.


Treats packed up for my favorite building staff

tree and gifts

The mini tree + way too many gifts

gifts less

All the gifts I wrapped this year


All the stockings were placed on the couch with care…

bobby lizzie jeff2

Bobby, me & my oldest brother Jeff on Christmas morning


The aftermath

lizzie bobby2

Me & Bobby on Christmas morning


My dad cooking Christmas dinner (my grandma’s famous spaghetti)


A living room “picnic” with my mama

mom and grayson2

My mama & Grayson

There is definitely a¬†lack¬†of photos of me in regular clothing – we spent most days in cozy or workout clothes (even when we didn’t make it to the gym). That’s what Christmas break is for, right?


I’m looking forward to returning to my exercise routine this week, and decided to start it off with a pre-planned schedule.¬†I always enjoy reading other bloggers’ weekly workout plans and I think I’d¬†like to join in the fun (fun?). Each Monday, you’ll see my tentative (I say tentative because it is most definitely subject to change – I could never be so rigid in my workouts!) plan for the week. It will help me stay accountable and see where there are deficits in my exercise routine.


  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: spin class + 75-minute yoga¬†class
  • Wednesday: barre class rest
  • Thursday: spin class
  • Friday: 75-minute yoga class
  • Saturday: heated barre class
  • Sunday: rest

FYI, I use my Health & Fitness Pinterest board to save new workout ideas:

I’ll see you in the morning. Have a great night!

Questions for you:

  • What was your favorite Christmas gift?
  • Do you plan your workouts for the week?



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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

And all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse,

All the stockings (weren’t yet) hung, by the chimney with care

In the hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.


Merry Christmas eve, my friends!

I hope you’ve been enjoying these last few days before the holidays. For me, it’s been a mix of downtime on the couch, as well as running around like a crazy woman.¬†Yesterday¬†was the latter, but I’ve spent the majority of today in my jammies, napping and watching movies. Pretty glorious, eh? The agenda for the rest of the day includes gift wrapping, stocking stuffing and prepping brunch for tomorrow.


I took a 75-minute yoga class¬†yesterday¬†at my mom’s gym while she and Bobby walked/ran the track. Even though I was the youngest in the¬†class by far (the gym is geared towards older adults), I really needed the mindfulness and stretch aspects of¬†the class. It was my first real workout in about ten days and I probably won’t exercise again until Friday. Sometimes you just need a break.

We ate lunch at the gym and I ordered¬†a mediocre spinach salad with fat free honey mustard dressing. I ate about half of it +¬†some of Bobby’s chips.


We spent the rest of the afternoon running errands and braving the Christmas crowds and traffic. It’s such a treat to drive around in¬†what Louisville considers to be traffic.¬†You Kentuckians don’t know how well you have it! ūüėČ

best buy

Best Buy crowds

I was bitten by the baking bug yesterday, so we stopped by Kroger to pick up the ingredients to make ranger cookies.¬†They have always been a favorite in our house, but I’ve never actually tried to make them. The recipe did not disappoint and my dad even ate them for breakfast today! I can’t seem to find the recipe that I followed, but this one looks very similar.



I’m really looking forward to Christmas tomorrow.¬†The part of the day I’m always most excited for is watching my favorite people open their gifts.

I hope you have a wonderful evening with your family and friends!




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Yoga is Necessary

Hey hey and happy Monday to you.

If you were expecting a morning post today, I apologize that you didn’t get one. I am still trying to figure out a blogging schedule that works best for me. I want to ensure that my content is interesting, fun or informative…preferably all of the above! I once read that you should never blog if you just aren’t feeling inspired, and this morning was one of those times. Have no fear though, we are back to normal starting NOW!


Today started with a piece of paleo carrot cake loaf and some green grapes, enjoyed with a mug of gingerbread coffee on the side.


I was in the baking mood yesterday and realized I had everything on hand to make it. This recipe was so easy and took about ten minutes to throw together (not including baking time). There is only¬†one¬†piece left…obviously both Bobby and I hated¬†it.

The morning was spent reading the news and perusing blogs. Around 10 a.m., I realized that I needed to get my rear in gear in order to make it to my prescheduled yoga class. Freezing rain makes for a not so fun walk. I really wanted to turn around and get back in my bed!


I spent 75 glorious minutes in a vinyasa style class at Exhale. As per usual, it was amazing and I felt 1 million times better afterwards. I’ve determined that yoga is necessary both on Mondays and when it rains.



After yoga, I ran a few errands before heading home. I blended up a smoothie for my mid-day meal and¬†slurped it (<–what a God awful¬†word?!) while sending off a couple emails.


1/2 frozen banana + 1/2 C frozen cherries + 1 handful kale + unsweetened almond milk + water + About Time vanilla protein powder + 3 ice cubes

A larger than usual ingredient list resulted in 1.5¬†smoothies. Hey, I’ll take it!

smoothie x2

This one actually ended up being a little to kale-y, even for me. I might cut down on the leafy green next time. I also grabbed a serving of everything-flavored pretzel crisps for some necessary crunch.



I’m off to catch up on my latest stimulating TV show, House of DVF.¬†We’re having a fend-for-yourself style dinner tonight. Have a lovely evening!




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Training Myself to Like Sweet Potatoes

Hey hey. Hoping your Thursday is treating you well.

I have to tell ya, I had class this morning¬†with the same girls¬†from last¬†last night and we were all struggling a bit. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had a bit too much wine¬†at the graduation celebration. Oops!


After I published my earlier post, I blended up another smoothie. I know I’m probably boring you with the cold, creamy goodness each morning, but I just can’t stop! I’ve been known to eat the same thing for weeks at a time. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat egg muffins everyday for¬†three¬†months this summer.


1/2 frozen banana + frozen cherries & strawberries + 1 C unsweetened almond milk + 1 scoop About Time vanilla protein powder + 5 ice cubes


I finished up quite the smorgasbord of a workout this afternoon. Crunch Gym reached out to me a few weeks ago about giving their Crunch Live program a try. It’s an online platform of all their cult favorite group fitness classes. I’m just now digging into it, and I’ll be sure to post a full review here soon.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.35.20 PM

I mixed a 15-minute kickboxing/sculpt class plus a 15-minute abs video, followed by a 15-minute yoga segment. It definitely kept me from getting bored.

Lunch today was pretty random, but a great use of leftovers. Enter 1/2 baked sweet potato + crockpot honey sesame chicken.


I’m trying to “train” myself to love¬†sweet potatoes. I moderately like them right now. They’re such a good complex carb and the fiber keeps me full for hours. However, I will always prefer a baked white potato stuffed with sour cream and cheese. ūüôā

Today’s eats (drinks?) also included a Starbucks iced coffee with sugar free hazelnut and a touch of cream. I actually don’t frequent the Bucks as much as I used to, but I like to treat myself a few times per week. Side note: if any of you fine people want to get me a Christmas present, I would gladly accept any and all of the holiday-themed Starbucks cups.



I think we’re going to order something for dinner tonight and I have a couple things to cross off the to-do list this evening as well. Is anyone planning to watch Peter Pan live on NBC? I thinking I’ll¬†record it and watch this weekend.

Questions for you:

  • Do you vary your meals or typically eat the same things everyday?
  • Ever “trained” yourself like like a certain food?
  • Did you exercise today? What’d ya do?¬†
  • What’s your go-to Starbucks drink?



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Rendezvous with Jillian Michaels

I woke up a bit later than usual today since I was up until the wee hours pinning holiday decor ideas. Seriously, what was life like before Pinterest? I remember it being sad and lonely…

Over coffee, I literally watched from my window while the freezing rain turned to snow in about five minutes!


It was pretty remarkable actually, but I’m glad I didn’t have to venture out to experience it.


With my coffee, I enjoyed a sweet and savory egg sandwich. It’s a regular around here and I completely forgot to snap a photo. You’ve seen it before though (like yesterday), so picture an ezekiel english muffin + egg white + swiss cheese + sugar free strawberry¬†jelly. I worked through the morning and cranked out the final edits of my 15-page research paper. One down, four to go! :/

Hunger struck again around 1 p.m. I’ve been craving egg salad lately, so I made sure to purchase some hardboiled eggs at the grocery yesterday (I hate peeling hard boils, so I usually splurge for the bag of pre-peeled eggs).

lunch close up

I used four chopped whites +¬†two¬†chopped whole eggs + light mayo + nonfat plain greek yogurt + oregano + S&P over romaine and carrots. I didn’t measure anything, just made it to my liking.


Paired with some green grapes. How are grapes sooo good right now?! Bobby and will be lucky if these last until Wednesday.

About an hour after lunch, I dusted off my old Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD and committed to completing level two.


It’s been a long time since I’ve done this workout, like maybe two or three years!? But, I didn’t want to brave the *wintery mix* to walk to a group fitness class and I just didn’t feel motivated to hit our building’s gym. Back in the day, I used to stick to level one only because I was lazy wasn’t as fit as I am nowadays. However, level two was still pretty challenging and I found myself modifying a few of the circuits. I’m interested to see what level three is like.

If you’re wondering, this is what a “home gym” looks like in a tiny highrise apartment.

home gym

Super zen, eh? Gotta do the best you can with what you got! After Jillian kicked my bootay, I finished up with a ten-minute yoga for flexibility video from YouTube.

Does this happen to anyone else when they workout at home? After laying there for five minutes, he tried to attack my wrists while in downward dog.

mat baxie

I’m currently typing up this blog post while snacking on a tasty¬†honeycrisp apple and some peanut butter. When Bobby gets home, I’m planning on making a¬†super easy spaghetti squash with tomato sauce followed by a night on the couch and some more school work.



Today marks day seven of my no sugar + sweat everyday challenge! I’ll post a recap of my experience tomorrow. Have a fabulous evening!




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Wednesday Wisdom

Ok, this post isn’t going to have a ton of wisdom, per say, just some random musings¬†that have been running through my head. Along with Favorite Finds¬†Fridays and Sunday Snaps, I’m going to keep this as a regular mid-week thang – one post where I can be slightly neurotic in my¬†thoughts and you can’t judge me.

But first, let’s cover¬†the day.


I was really looking forward to my morning yoga class at Exhale Spa, as part of my Class Pass membership. Exhale is more of a spa than a gym, so the whole place has a very tranquil feel. Ohhhmmm. I loved this particular teacher Рshe took everything slow, which is perfect for a somewhat newbie like me. Something very exciting(!) happened during class, but I will cover that more in a bit.

After yoga, I put together a very colorful lunch.


I took a can of tuna +¬†light mayo + plain greek yogurt + red pepper + carrot + salt/pepp, with a pear on the side. I didn’t measure anything out, just made it to suite my taste buds.

close up

After lunch, I spent the rest of my afternoon cranking through a massive research paper that’s due next week. I forced myself to work from our “home office” instead of sitting on the couch to type.


We just finished up dinner and are currently plopped on the couch catching up on Shark Tank reruns. We’re kind of obsessed.


Now, onto Wednesday Wisdom – a place where I share some things that are semi-interesting, but¬†don’t necessarily constitute an entire blog post.

  • This whole Today Show shake¬†up really has my panties in a wad. Apparently Natalie Morales and Willie Geist were fired?! It feels similarly to when Harrison was killed off Scandal! I’ve been a Today Show devotee for years, but this might make me turn to GMA. The horror!



  • I achieved my first arm balance in yoga!¬†It¬†might have been a sad version of crow pose and lasted for 3 seconds, but it still counts! ¬†For someone who has been practicing regularly for less than two months, I feel very accomplished. Maybe I looked a little like this?



  • On the yoga note, I was chuckling to myself in class today about all the things that were going through my head. I really¬†try to relax and breatheeeee, but sometimes this happens:¬†Is that someone else’s hair on my mat? I really need a pedicure. How can she do that? How can HE do that? Do I have a yoga body yet? What should I write my blog post about?


  • If you haven’t seen¬†The Crash Reel,¬†the documentary about olympic snowboarder Kevin Pearce, you are surely missing out.¬†One of my teachers showed it in class this week and I didn’t want it to end! Kevin suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) a few months before the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the movie chronicles his career and recovery. I’ve never had a hint of interest in extreme snowboarding, but this is such. a. good. movie. I know it’s available¬†via HBO Go, iTunes and on Netflix DVD.

kevin pearce


That’s all I got! See you in the morning for my no sugar challenge update.




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